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90 1990 jeep wrangler door hinge - body mechanical & trim, Buy a 1990 jeep wrangler door hinge at discount prices.
95 1995 jeep wrangler hood latch - partsgeek., Buy a 1995 jeep wrangler hood latch at discount prices. 2014 ford fiesta st sto--sho removable front, The sto n sho is a custom fit aftermarket two piece detachable front license plate bracket mounting system consisting of a front license plate holder and a base.
2012 jeep srt8 front license plate bracket - mopar, This front license plate bracket off the grand cherokee srt8 will hold your plate neatly and securely. 2011-2013 jeep grand cherokee front license plate bracket, Mount a front license plate securely with an original equipment front license plate bracket from mopar for your jeep grand cherokee..
2007-2012 gmc acadia new front license plate bracket, 2007-2012 gmc acadia new front license plate bracket genuine. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Since the US has the high and narrow plates and Europe uses wide and low plates, I needed to come up with an idea to fit a wide plate on the back (doesn't go in the stock plateholder) and besides, I want to keep my American plate on there too since that looks cool over here. On the lathe I turned 2 bushings with the 75 degree angle of the wheel nuts so they would fall flush with the 2 remaining wheelstud holes in the spare wheel.

Then drilled a hole of 12mm in the bushings and turned 2 12mm pipes to slip-fit the hole in the bushings. I thought, maybe someone likes this idea for a Euro-plate in the US or something so I thought I'd share. OK, so I have a Fred Meyer folding trailer - it's the same as the HF one, except it is orange instead of red. So, I was looking at the piece of scrap steel used to make the bumper for my off-road trailer and decided to use it to make a bumper for this little trailer too. While doing all of this, I decide to restore the front marker lights - long since gone, and install marker lights on the rear side too, since I no longer had tail lights serving that purpose. Last but not least, I traded in the full-size license plate for a mini plate, so that it fits completely on the bumper - and bolted that baby on with way over-sized carriage bolts, made from stainless steel. I also stripped and painted the fenders - mostly because it was easy to do and I already had the paint and stuff out from painting the bumper. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Pressed the pipes in until the bushings sat flush with the spare wheel, welded everything together and made a bracket on the 2 bushings that holds the plateholder and a little light for the license plate.

And this German plate was just for show, I don't have the actual plate that goes on there yet (Belgian).
In doing so, I discovered that the only way to make the inset lights work was to remove the rear cross-member from the trailer - so I did. In the course of doing all this electrical, I also converted the trailer adapter from a 6-pin (put on when I first got the trailer) to a 7-pin, to match my recently installed Mopar 7-pin harness in my Jeep.
Since then, my buddy has borrowed it and put all new wheel bearings on one side, and new wheel bearings on the other side, but only half the kit or something. My buddy borrowed it recently and (broke down and replaced bearings and stuff) and returned it with broken lights.
However, the lack of a real bumper was a problem because the lame cross-member built out of lame steel was too short top to bottom to install inset lights.

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