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But Bledsoe was trying to stay out of the news after a 1997 incident in which he accidentally injured a 23-year-old woman in a mosh pit at a Boston club, so he turned the role down.
Favre ended up being a hit with audiences, but Bledsoe called into the show and said he could have done better. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have both put up eye-popping stats in both the regular season and postseason. Tom Brady Salary: QB Restructured Deal AgainHe is one of the best on the field and one of the most generous off it.
In 27 playoff games, Brady has a 62.3 completion percentage, 6,791 passing yards, 46 touchdowns and 23 interceptions a (2-1) ratio. Tom Brady celebrates with Patriots owner Robert Kraft after the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX.
Although Manning has won five regular season MVP Awards, there is this perception that more often than not, and the stats kind of prove this, that he isn’t nearly as effective in the postseason as he is during the regular season when compared to his historical counterpart. Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos live stream online 2015 NFL Playoff Divisional Round watch free hdq tv link on pc.

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The Farrelly Brothers, who are huge New England Patriots fans, had a different quarterback in mind.
Manning and Brady may never square off in the postseason again if Manning chooses to move on from football after this season. His 19-8 record overall gives him a winning percentage of .704, which is the highest among those players with at least 20 playoff starts. In the 16 times (a full NFL season) these two players have played against each other, Brady is 11-5 vs. Brady owns 2003-04 AFC Championship Game and 2004-05 Divisional Round Game victories over Manning while Manning owns 2006-07 and 2013-14 AFC Championship Game victories over Brady. In 23 playoff games, Manning has a 64.3 completion percentage, 6,589 passing yards, 37 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. He won in 2006-07 (defeating the Chicago Bears with Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback) and lost in 2009-10 and 2013-14.

He has previously worked for the National Hockey League, NBC Sports and written for FanSided.
Brady will end up as the 2nd best QB of all time, next to the greatest, Joe Cool, Joe Montana. The only player to start more games than Brady’s 27 was Hall of Famer Jerry Rice with 29.
2 with 16 wins and Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw and Denver Broncos Hall of Famer John Elway each has 14 wins.

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