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While the style of play in the NHL and other professional leagues across North America and Canada has certainly changed, that hasn’t been the only thing to transform with the times.
The Kings might have abandoned their old color schemes and designs, but their jerseys are amongst the best old school uniforms of current teams.
Although these jerseys were only worn for five seasons, they left a lasting impression on some hockey fans. The current Winnipeg Jets might have a different jersey design, but the jerseys that the team wore during the 80s were certainly memorable. The jerseys worn by the Winnipeg Jets throughout the 1980s were unmistakable, and these designs fired on all cylinders. The Pittsburgh Penguins have recently re-incorporated navy blue into their jerseys, and there was certainly a historical precedent for such a move.
If these jerseys somewhat remind you of the Penguins’ Winter Classic (2011-2013) sweater, then there might be a good reason. If you’re a fan of old school hockey jerseys, then I see no way that any individual should not like these uniforms that the Canucks started using in the mid-1980s. Despite the fact that the Atlanta Flames relocated and became the Calgary Flames, it would be somewhat of an injustice to omit the team’s jersey from such a list.
The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim have quite a colorful history, and their jerseys are just a testament to their past. Anyone old enough to remember the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim certainly remembers their jerseys. Be sure to check out NHL Uniform Database for all of your hockey uniform needs (past and present). With the 2012 National Football League season nearly upon us, now is as good a time as any to obsess once again on one of my favorite topics — logos. If there are two things the Cardinals have been consistent about over the decades, it’s the look of their logo and their losing (recent years excepted). I guess back in the early 20th century, before pro sports teams were flush with cash, they had to share logos.
Fun fact — the Rams were the first pro football team to sport a logo on their helmet. I hate to end this series on such a down note, but it needs to be said — screw you Nike. This is a nice posting and I agree with you on every one of your comments about the team logos. I can only guess that between the Seahawks and Oregon Ducks, fans in the Pacific Northwest have a much higher tolerance for butt-ugly uniforms.
Arriving at Consol Energy Center couldn't be easier, as it is located at the intersection of a number of major highways that run through the Pittsburgh area. If you are looking for food and beverage before or during the game, the Pittsburgh Penguins organization provides you with plenty of available concessions stands that serve a wide array of different stadium favorites.
Outside of the venue, there are other great restaurants that are just waiting to serve you with some of your favorite dinners while you get yourself prepared to watch the exciting Pittsburgh Penguins. Diesel is not just the name of a gasoline alternative, it's also one of the hottest night clubs in the greater Pittsburgh area. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the great points of interest that you can visit on your trip to Consol Energy Center.

From the way that professional hockey teams are assembled nowadays to the way that those teams play on the ice, the game of hockey simply has a different look and feel to it in the modern day. While the pace of play in the NHL has become drastically different over the last several years, team uniforms have also been tweaked over the last few decades in order to cater to newer and sleeker designs, colors, and striping patterns.
While the original Winnipeg Jets of the NHL ultimately became the Phoenix Coyotes, the return of hockey to True North in 2011 made the inclusion of these sweaters a much easier decision. While the central logo for the above jersey is different from the design on Pittsburgh’s current Winter Classic sweaters, the two shades of blue mixed with the white striping patterns gives this jersey a very discernible look. Two hockey sticks crossed behind an old school goalie mask with a duckbill – how could one go wrong over here? So I’m going to offer up my choices for the best and worst NFL logos for all 32 current NFL franchises. This official logo, used with slightly different designs and with different colors over the years, is certainly realistic.
I just have so many memories of the Seahawks from the era of Dave Krieg and Steve Largent, when they were in the AFC West and a hated rival of my beloved Raiders. And for another, this new logo is part of the new Seattle uniforms, which are simply an affront to good taste. With great views from no matter where you are sitting in the building to a beautiful, new LED scoreboard that makes watching replays and seeing out-of-town scores a pleasure to the eye, Consol Energy Center is the pride of the Pittsburgh hockey scene. Whether you are coming in on Highway 79 or Business 376, there are helpful signs and directions that should get you to the building very easily.
From Pizza Hut to Dairy Queen, there are many different options available for any taste that comes to watch the Penguins play. Jerome Bettis Grille 36 is the perfect spot if you are looking for traditional pub food while enjoying some great beverages in a sports bar setting.
With live music, non-stop dancing, and great atmosphere, Diesel makes it very easy to enjoy a night on the town after you're done watching a Pittsburgh Penguins game. With historical displays that remind everyone why it is so great to be an American, the Carnegie is one museum that you have to see in your lifetime. Much like the citizens of Pittsburgh, the Penguins go to work every night in a quest to be the best at what they do.
Not only does the Jets’ jersey use bold colors to draw attention to the logo (which features a jet and the team and city name), the red and white stripes on the shoulder, arm, and waist area make this a stand-out jersey in any hockey venue.
Combine the coloring and striping patterns with a logo that draws one’s eye to the center of the jersey and you have a sweater that functions well on many levels. The use of colors such as black, orange, and yellow really makes this jersey stand out, and hockey fans old enough to remember this design would easily recognize this sweater in a crowd.
Whether you prefer the purple or white colored jerseys, there really isn’t a wrong preference when picking a favorite Mighty Ducks jersey.
Primary, alternate, and helmet logos listed on Chris Creamer’s outstanding logo website are all under consideration. The shield motif is an interesting choice for San Francisco, and I love the way they incorporated the 4 and 9. And I never knew of that new helmet that Eddie DeBartolo displayed, hoo boy, that must have caused quite an uproar.
The Pittsburgh Penguins are lucky enough to call the arena home, and they will no doubt find quite a bit of success as the years go by.

Once you have found your way to Consol Energy Center, they provide you with a great deal of parking around the arena so you don't have to park a mile or further away from the venue. If you are looking for a nice restaurant experience inside Consol Energy Center, look no further than Chef's Carvery, which features great cuisine at an affordable price. With many televisions located throughout the restaurant, Jerome Bettis Grille 36 is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite while keeping up on what is going on in the world of sports.
With full table service, Diesel makes it simple to spend a night out on the town without having you spend a fortune in the process.
You will be amazed at some of the pieces they have for viewing, and you will no doubt be inspired by the stories that these artifacts can tell.
By having one of the best young teams in the entire league, Pittsburgh should be a force to be reckoned with in the NHL for many years to come. Even if one isn’t a fan of the current Anaheim Ducks, anyone that grew up in the 1990s and watched any installment of the Mighty Ducks movie series will undoubtedly be hit with a blast of nostalgia when looking back at these jerseys.
The fan experience at Consol Energy Center is second-to-none, and it is very easy to find entertainment throughout the building even when the game is not going on. Parking costs are very cheap relative to other arenas, and they keep the parking lots well staffed with security personnel in case there is a problem. With different pastas, stirfrys, and steak platters available, Chef's Carvery is a good place to fulfill your hunger before the game. Casual dining doesn't get any better than Tessaro's, which serves outstanding food and drinks at reasonable prices.
You could also visit Club Cafe for more of a relaxed, low key atmosphere that offers terrific live music while also providing a great place to meet locals from around the area.
The Strip District of Pittsburgh is another great area to peruse while you are in the city. Get your tickets now while you can so that you can begin making your travel plans for Consol Energy Center. If public transportation is the more likely means of transportation for you, the Port Authority Bus and Light Rail Services are both available to take you to Steel Plaza, which is located just a stone's throw away from the building. TGI Friday's and QDOBA are also moving in to Consol Energy Center to serve the public as well. Tessaro's gives you the feel of the corner restaurant that you have been familiar with all of your life, and it holds a special place in the hearts of Pittsburgh natives.
Club Cafe doesn't have the flashing lights and thumping music that a traditional night club would have, but it is unique in that it offers you another night club option for your post-Pittsburgh Penguin victory celebration. This historic market district contains shops, restaurants, and tours of the area that make the Strip come alive with a terrific atmosphere. You even have the chance to learn some Irish dancing at Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle if you visit at the right times throughout the day.
This is a wonderful area of Pittsburgh that is the perfect place to go if you have some time before your Pittsburgh Penguins game begins.

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