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PLEASE NOTE: INFORMATION in the Item History section is REGARDING COMMON ATTRIBUTES TO THE ITEM (ie size, year of production, color, scarcity, etc). Sold solely via JC Penney and Sears catalogs, these action figures were produced by Pro Sports Marketing and are pretty scarce to find today. Copyright © 2016 L & L CollectablesAll images and content are copyright protected and no usage is permitted.

All cards are despatched within 7 working days of placing an order and are posted by first class mail in the UK and Airmail for the Rest of the World.
The front of each card shows a star of the NFL with the position they play, the reverse in green and black featured the following information - Height,Weight, School, Date of Birth, Home, Drafted Details and How acquired.
Below this detail is a description of the player and their career upto the 1974 NFL season.

Made long before Kenner's popular Starting Lineup figures - they were decades ahead of their time.

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