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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Ten team members have been rendered in great detail including Jim Taylor, Jerry Kramer, Forrest Gregg, Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Willie Davis, Ray Nitschke, Herb Adderley and Willie Wood. MEARS Auctions will work with you to determine authenticity, current value, and the marketing strategy which will help you maximize the value of your item.

Display measures 28" across by 4" deep by 7" tall and features a plaque reading "1966 Green Bay Packers" mounted to its wooden base. It does have writing on the score pages, the team roster page, writing on the cover (Willie Davis - does not appear to be his authentic autograph) and Willie Wood (does appear to be authentic based upon other autographs available for comparison) is writing inside the yearbook.

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