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There have been many factors that have brought the Giants to be eliminated from playoff contention before the month of December like injuries, new offensive scheme, and miscues coming from both the players and the coaching staff.
While the biggest question for Big Blue is who will be the team’s head coach next year, there are also players who need to be held accountable for their consistent poor play. This team was built on players with heart to overcome any adversity and who would fight until the end.
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The Mets lost to the Giants late last night in a drubbing that may very well have put this team and its fans on the cusp of packing it up for the season. Beyond the standings, and the despair of the current situation in which the fans find themselves, are the players.
When the Mets acquired Bruce at the trade deadline this season, the reception was lukewarm and mostly resulted in indifferent shoulder shrugs. Still, his decently good offensive year in 2016 made him an upgrade to most of the players on the Mets’ roster. It might feel like he instantly turned into a pumpkin after the Mets acquired him because, well, that’s how we feel as Mets fans.

The relatively good news is that this really does appear to be a simple slump based on the minuscule BABIP he’s been running over the last two months. It will be interesting to see if the Mets pick up his option, regardless of what happens with Cespedes now. From a business perspective, the Mets should pick up Jay Bruce’s very reasonable $13 M option. If everyone knew that Granny played over his head last year, what were they expecting this year?
This team finds itself once again having to trim the fat off this team much like it attempted to do after last season.
This year’s team has seemingly lacks the heart to finish games and overcome adversity.
The loss dropped them to 60-62 and 5.5 games back in the wild card, which will be challenging to make up. One of those players is Jay Bruce, who once was a beacon of a naive hope for a dramatic turnaround of a season in a tailspin. Then he became a Met, literally in the sense of being on the roster but also in that he fell into the inexplicable black hole that is the Mets’ offensive malaise. Why are Nimmo and Conforto blocked by two players, Granderson and de Aza, that are not better than them or are the team’s future?

It is pretty clear that there will be many changes to this team after the end of another nightmare season to the personnel department, the coaching staff, and possibly the front office. After almost a month with the team, however, Bruce has now become a simple cog in the machine of failures this team embodies day in and day out. He was yet another corner outfielder (with bad defense) and a hitter that strikes out a ton but hits for power.
The Mets essentially doubled down on an offensive profile that hadn’t really been working for them all year, albeit a profile bogged down by injuries. His .817 OPS was fueled by his slugging percentage, with eight home runs and three doubles during that span. This suggests that, yes, he’s probably been pressing even more since coming to the Mets seeing as he was already in a slump when he arrived. Bruce emphatically showed that as he screamed into his batting helmet after grounding into a rally-killing double play in the eighth inning last night.
The Mets will certainly pick up his option for 2017, though, and we have to hope he’ll right the ship if Yoenis Cespedes skips town as expected.

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