How do I pick the right career path for ME?

This is a common question I'm deeply passionate about helping students answer. I spend a lot of time advising students about career paths not only in IT but career paths that fit each of my students' personal goals. Due to my limited time, I decided to post this information publicly online.
Below is a framework that is called the "Drivers Exercise" that can help you assess what YOU want in a career BEFORE you set goals and pick a career path or job.

The Drivers Exercise

Before you decide what your goals are and how you want to reach those goals it's important to know why you set certain goals and why you’re driven to get up each day and go to whatever job you're doing or going to do. This is an exercise that has been one of the MOST helpful tools I've used in my career. By clicking the link below you'll be taken to an online module I've created to walk through this exercise. I describe what it is, why it's useful, give a couple examples of where it has helped me and some students. Afterwards, I give you an opportunity to complete it. The exercise will take about 30 minutes to explain and complete but I promise is well worth it! NOTE: This exercise is a work in progress.

I strongly encourage you to do this exercise at least once a year since it's likely your drivers will change depending on your personal situation. Please also feel free to share this exercise with others via the share link below