PTZOptics™ NDI™ JSON Generator

The PTZOptics NDI™ JSON Editor is a tool to help when you've already pulled out all of your hair.

This tool will help you to create a static entry for a PTZOptics NDI|HX™ camera when automatic discovery is unable to locate your PTZOptics NDI|HX™ camera on your network. The solution is only meant to be used as a temporary fix when you are unable to rectify network issues related to mDNS that cause discovery to fail.

Please see our articles on solving mDNS issues for Ubiquiti and TP-Link networking equipment for a permanent solution.
Don't forget when troubleshooting with NDI we have a helpful guide to assist with NDI™ Troubleshooting.

Default Directories By OS

If you are having trouble finding the default .json file you can check the directories below.

JSON Save Location

When you save your changes the resulting .json file will save to your device's default downloads folder. NOT in the same location the file was retrieved from. In order to ensure your changes are applied it is recommended to move the .json file to the default directory.

Name IP Address