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Thank you for selecting Forte, a CSG Company, for your payment processing needs and welcome to our powerful online payment processing tool - Dex.
Upon accepting the invitation, you will receive access to your merchant organization inside of Dex. You can find your Organization ID, alongside your company name below as well as your Merchant.
Location ID: 234540
Organization ID: 210825

Please read the following additional information related to your account:
Dex Training and Generating Processing Credentials

Please click here to register for one of our weekly Dex Training Webinars.

Access the help section of Dex to learn about generating additional credentials you may require for your processing needs along with other essential information that will assist you with Dex by clicking here.

PCI compliance

Important information regarding card acceptance and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Compliance.

You are required to be compliant with the PCI DSS at all times to protect cardholder data. Forte has partnered with Aperia Solutions to provide an option for merchants to enroll into a PCI compliance program for $7.99 per month. A non-compliance fee of $29.99 will be assessed for any merchant who has not validated PCI. Review additional information and options related to PCI compliance by clicking here.

meet dex.

meet dex.
Billing invoice

You will receive a monthly invoice, which will be emailed to the primary contact listed on the merchant application. Please click here for more information related to invoice dates and billing cycles.

Enrolling in Forte Verify and other options

If you have enrolled into our Forte Verify service please click here to read details related to taking steps to avoid paying excess per transaction fees.

Over transaction limit notification process

Click here to receive information regarding the approval process to send transactions that are over your approved per transaction maximum.

Meet our support team

If you have questions regarding your account, you can contact us by:

Portal: Click here to register using your email to log in. Manage your support tickets, create new, or review helpful articles in this portal.


Phone: 866-290-5400 (Option 1)

Hours of operation: 7AM to 7PM CST