WARNING Remember to export the CSV file before closing your browser. Failing to do so may result in losing all loans and returns recorded during the current session.


  1. Your browser should not be configured to clear cookies or local storage automatically as you will lose circulation information when you close your browser. Please consult your school IT support.
  2. If more than one computer or device has been recording offline circulation data at the same time, all CSV files must be processed by Infiniti at the same time to merge the circulation workflow correctly.
  3. Offline Circulation Mode is not intended for use when Infiniti is accessible from your circulation desk as Offline Circulation Mode applies a permissive circulation philosophy, ignoring user blocks and all other rules.
  4. Notes are optional but recommended if you don't recognise the patron or whether the resource has been catalogued. These notes are not stored in Infiniti but are useful for tracking orphaned loans by offering a textual description of who borrowed what.
  5. You should regularly and pro-actively download a copy of this Offline Circulation Mode page to your offline device(s). Old Offline Circulation Mode pages may not be compatible with newer Infiniti versions.
Patron Barcode Resource Barcode Timestamp Notes  
Resource Barcode Timestamp Notes