Adventures by Disney

Photo Download Website

What is this website?

The Adventures by Disney photo website allows Guests to see and share their photo memories taken during their guided adventure.  The adventure photos can be viewed and downloaded directly to their personal computer or tablet at no additional cost.

How can I find my Adventure photos?

At the end of your Adventure, your Guide will give you a card containing your trip’s specific claim code.  Your photos will be available within 7 days, following the conclusion of your trip.  Once you return home, simply go to the website: to begin viewing and downloading your Adventure photos.

How do I claim my photos?

On the home page of the website you should enter your Claim Code in the box provided and click the “View Photos” button.  Thumbnail images of all the photos from your trip will be tiled on the screen.  To see larger versions of any photo, simply click on the thumbnail.  A larger window will appear showing the photo, along with controls allowing you to scroll through each photo from your trip.

How do I add photos to my Favorites?

If you want to create a separate page for just your favorite photos, you can click the “” (Favorites) button in the upper right corner of each thumbnail.  You can also click on a thumbnail of a photo to view it larger and then select the “” (Favorites) on the lower right of the photo to mark it as a favorite.  You can then choose to only view the photos saved as your favorites by selecting “Favorites” at the top of the page on the menu bar.

How do I download photos to my computer or tablet?

You can download your photos while viewing each individual photo by selecting the “” (download button) in the lower right corner of the photo.  You can also use the “Download Images” link at the top of the page on the menu bar.  Options are provided to download all of the photos from your trip or you can download the photos you’ve already marked as Favorites.  The photos are downloaded directly from the website to your computer.  No special software is required to download the photos.  If you choose to download more than 1 photo at a time, the photos will be combined into a single ZIP file before being downloaded to your computer.

If you are viewing your photos on a tablet you can select on a thumbnail to view the photo larger, then just press and hold your finger on the tablet screen.  You should be presented the option to save the photo directly to your tablet device. You will not be able to download all of your photos using the “Download Images” button on the top menu bar while viewing on your tablet device.  

Copyright Policy

These photos are provided under the terms of the Limited License provided here: 

Limited License

You are granted a limited, royalty-free license to use these photos for your own personal use and consumption.  You can make prints or other products from these photos for your personal use, share them with friends, or display them on your computer.  You are not allowed to resell these photos or use them for any commercial purposes.  If you have questions on the terms in this license, please send an email to:

I’ve lost my Claim Code.  Who can help me find the correct Claim Code in order to see the photos from my Adventure?

Please send an email directly to:

In your email, be sure to provide the details of your recent trip including the date and city where your Adventure began.  You will receive a response within 2 business days with the correct Claim Code.

How long will my photos be available on this website?

The photos from each trip will be available on this website for 90 days following the conclusion of your trip.

What internet browser should I use to view and download my photos?

We recommend using current versions of internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 (or newer), Safari, or Firefox.  You may access using other browsers than are recommended, however your experience may not be optimal.