To provide you with feedback on this test electronically, we’ll use a service called Gradescope. Recall that you were asked to sign up for a Gradescope account when completing the form for Problem Set 0.

If you didn’t create an account then, head to, click Sign up for free, click I am a student, and sign up as a student. For COURSE ENTRY CODE, input MKJX79. You can leave STUDENT ID blank.

Take care to remember your password! If you’d prefer not to provide Gradescope with a personally identifiable name and email address (i.e., one that includes your name), you’re welcome to sign up using a pseudonym and some other email address (e.g., that you only use for Gradescope). If you choose to provide a personally identifiable username or email address, material you submit for the test and our feedback on it also will be personally identifiable by Gradescope. See Gradescope’s Privacy Policy.

Answer the below in gradescope.txt.


  1. With what email address are you signed up for Gradescope? By answering this question, you acknowledge that you consent to the use of your information by Gradescope in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

  2. What is your GitHub username (not email address)? If you only know your email address, log into, then click the dropdown menu at top-right, and you should see Signed in as username, where username is your GitHub username.