Who pays streamers to advertise slots and casinos?

Slot machine streamers and online casinos gather thousands of audiences on Twitch and Youtube every day - https://thebestcanadiancasinos.com/. They make money from casino advertising and affiliate programs. Viewers are charged with the streamer's excitement and success, after which they eagerly follow the advertising links. It is one of the most attractive promotion channels in the gambling niche.

What and how much do streamers earn?

The leading online broadcasters have several earning methods available.

Partnership programs

The main method of making a profit. The streamer places a link to a casino in the broadcast description. If the viewer clicks on this link, registers and replenishes the deposit, then the affiliate program will pay out a bonus. This can be either a one-time payment for registration / deposit, or regular payments from all user deposits.

Different casinos pay for registration from several tens to several hundred dollars. The percentage of a player's expenses can range from 10 to 60%.

Native advertising

Many casinos willingly pay popular streamers to play on specific sites. And in every possible way they advised these sites to their viewers. Often, companies do not pay directly, but simply provide the streamer with a bonus deposit at their casinos. With the ability to withdraw not the full amounts of winnings, but a certain percentage.


Viewers can transfer any amount of money to the streamer to support their activities. This scheme works well for streaming computer games. Donations are not very common on streams of online casinos. Many viewers will prefer to play on their own with the available funds, rather than transfer them to the presenter. Which, judging by the stream, has money without that. However, donations can also constitute a certain part of the income.

Other streamers from the TOP50 in this category have the number of viewers on broadcasts ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand. For them, this activity is often not the main one, so they devote 50-100 hours a month to it. The income is most likely an order of magnitude less than that of the niche leader.
What is the motivation of viewers?

Viewers watch streams for a variety of reasons. Someone is looking for new casinos and cunning winning methods. Others come for communication - via chat and with a streamer. Still others fight against gambling addiction in this way: instead of playing for their own money, they look at how someone else is playing for casino money. The method is not particularly working, as the streamer's excitement, on the contrary, can push the “tied up” to go to the casino and spin their spins.

Many hosts put on live shows on Twitch. With the involvement of viewers, the distribution of bonuses and the like. So for a significant part of the audience, this is just another entertainment. Comparable to watching TV or playing computer games.

How to become a streamer?

Nothing is required of equipment and software: a computer, a microphone and the OBS program. The most difficult thing is with charisma and the ability to work for the public - without these qualities it will be difficult to gather a noticeable audience (and make money). On Twitch, you can see dozens and hundreds of streamers every day, with only 10-20 viewers. Only a few of them will be able to achieve popularity.

Of course, there are also unique people who, from the very first streams, catch the audience with an interesting approach. The rest can be advised not to give up and systematically work on the quality of the content. Pretty girls tend to get started on Twitch easier than guys. But there are still few of them in the gambling theme.

Platform advertising

Before the broadcast begins, Twitch shows a short commercial. Also, these videos can be played from time to time during the broadcast. For several thousand impressions, you can get 2-3 dollars. Against the background of other streamers' income, this is a penny, but such advertising also makes its contribution. Many authors post recordings of their streams (or a selection of the best moments) also on Youtube. There, too, you can make money on advertising. The main thing is not to violate the rules of the platform, since advertising of gambling on Youtube is prohibited.

As of the end of 2019, about a hundred streamers air daily, reaching an average of 13,000 viewers. At its peak, this number rises to 100 thousand or more. Viewers watch about 9.5 million hours of broadcasts per month.

The geography of viewers / streamers is also interesting. The most active viewers of slots are Germans (34%), followed by English (24%), followed by Russia with 13%. The top five most active are closed by the French (9%) and the Finns (9%). Europeans are a very solvent audience, besides, online gambling is quite legal in most European countries. So viewers do not have any problems with registration, replenishment of deposits and receiving winnings.

The top streamer (as of October 2019, this is CasinoDaddy ) streams about 300 hours a month, collecting from 2,500 to 5,000 viewers on each broadcast. He has 120 thousand followers (viewers who have bookmarked the channel) and, most likely, incomes in the tens of thousands of dollars a month. Sometimes presenters come up with interesting motivation for donators. For example, let them choose the next slot. Or they even promise them a percentage of their winnings.

Paid subscriptions

On Twitch, every viewer can sign up for a paid subscription to any streamer. It costs from 3 to 5 dollars. About half of the amount is taken by the platform, the rest goes to the author. This subscription is a popular way to support interesting hosts. In return, paid subscribers often receive special privileges. For example, unique sets of emoticons for chat. Or the opportunity to attend private streams.