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Carpet Cleaning Roseville FAQ

Q: What is Truck Mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning?


Truck mounted literally means that the carpet cleaning machinery is mounted in the truck or van. No equipment comes into your home other than our cleaning scrub wand and two hoses that attach to it. This method is also referred to as "Hot Water Extraction". We will be more than happy to walk you through our carpet cleaning equipment that is on the truck and how it all works!

What method of cleaning does your company use for carpet?


We do 100% Professional Steam Cleaning using our truck mounted hydro jet steam cleaning system. We use a powerful 100% residue free and ecofriendly cleaning solution applied at 300 pressure per square inch and extracted with triple vacuum power. This combination provides exceptional results that our customers rave about.

Roseville Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Deals Roseville CA

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Why Choose HomePointe The Carpet Cleaning Co. Roseville?

With a lot of years of experience behind us, we've been able to develop and tailor our services around consumers’ needs. We understand how important it's to guard your home investments and keep a home looking clean. Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning Deals Roseville CA.

For those, it’s the importance of providing top reliable service and offering you the best value in your money. Our technicians know the way important it is the ideal carpet cleaner for their customers. For those, it’s not about getting sales or upselling services you don’t need; it’s about providing a premium quality service. By making sure our technicians remain focused on offering you the uppermost service you deserve, we have now made up a loyal customer base.

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In fact, the ideal way to find out whether or not you are getting among the best commercial carpet cleaner in your area is just not to understand a sales letter, yet to give an overview of prior customer feedback. To find out more about the excellent services we have provided our clients with prior to now, take the time to browse through our carpet cleaning reviews. Don’t just turn the job over to us to tell you about our fantastic services, it’s always important to do some research and figure out what others have to say.

Top Quality Carpet Cleaners Service

We know how much will it cost and effort people devote to their homes. Extending the life span of one's floors and furnishings is very important after you have invested so much of your valuable cash into it. That is what our professional deep cleaning services provide, that added webpage little bit of care and good health that can keep this valued investment pieces looking and feeling clean, an issue that only professional carpet cleaning service provides. It s a good idea to relax as part of your own home once again, that you are moving to a cleaner fresh environment.

Other than having an excellent reputation as one of the best organizations in Roseville CA, we also conduct other high quality services. Some of the most common are:

• Pet Odor Removal
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Commercial Carpet Cleaning
• Tile and Grout Cleaning

The goal of our services is usually to keep your home looking beautifully clean. We know how difficult it is going to be just to get your carpets clean to a large standard, despite how often you vacuum them.

This is especially true in a location similar to Roseville California, where you might find a lot of dust and smog within the air. These sand and dirt particles merge into your living environment and into your carpets. Not only is dirt more difficult to wash, but it also expands harsher wear of your floor coverings, that makes it appear dull and lose its color.

It is at this point that a professional carpet cleaning Roseville CA service can make all of the difference. Our specialized equipment continues to be designed to make your carpets looking and smelling clean. We also eliminate nasty odors and stains produced by your loved one pets, in a fashion that only a properly seasoned technician can. We chose to implement processes that don’t just mask the smell, but dispose of the real the problem. This can be sure that your carpets are properly cleaned and to discover the stains are removed.

Keep Your Home Neat and Healthy

Getting professional cleaning services from reputable technicians, such as upholstery cleaners and companies, could possibly have a huge impact on your home. It’s not just about leaving your carpets and furniture looking clean and extending its wear, however it’s also about keeping your family healthy.

You might not have already been alert to this, but dirty carpets can actually keep hold of numerous reasons for indoor air pollutants. Not only will your floor coverings retain everyday dirt and dust, but it's going to also collect pet dander, dust mite feces and particles and cockroach allergens which might contain toxic airborne gases. These gases are released back into the air once you walk over your floor coverings or even when vacuuming. The last thing you need is to your dirty carpet to exacerbate allergies.

The only way to properly remove deeply trapped pollutants and kill off bacteria is by a combination of high-powered vacuums and special shampooing formulas. Steam cleaning carpets will also offer you the high temperatures needed to kills off dust mites. By doing away with these problems, you home won't only be left with a cleaner carpet, but with a much healthier home.

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Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning Deals Roseville CA? HomePointe carpet cleaners are the best in town! Why choose HomePointe Carpet Cleaning Co. over any other cleaning company in Roseville? We take Service seriously and have put it back into the carpet cleaning industry. We strive and always want to leave our customers with a good professional service experience and not feeling like they have been taken advantage of or dissatisfied with the cleaning service performed in their home or business. Call us at (916) 975-2001 for a Free estimate.


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