Callidus Electric is a family-owned and run company which is bonded and insured under license. Our team is able to manage all projects, both commercial and residential, and large or small in scale. Work with a business, working with Callidus Electric, that gets it done right first time.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergencies don't wait to arrive at appropriate times. For this reason Callidus Electric is accessible 24/7 to help keep the lights on.


No project for Callidus is too large or too small-from ceiling fans to home theaters, we do it all.


Callidus is trusted by some of the biggest Las Vegas brands as their commercial electricians, and you can.

We Are Full Service Electrical Contractors

You've got ventures and we've got solutions. For both residential and industrial projects, Callidus Electric is fitted with a complete range of electrical contracting services.

24 Hour Electricians

Don't wait for a suitable moment for emergencies to occur. That's why we're 24-hour electricians-we can keep the lights going by operating around the clock.

Electric Panel Repair and Installation

The electric panel is the control center for the energy in your home. If you are looking for a repair or installation of an electrical panel then talk to professionals like Callidus Electric to get started.

Commercial Projects

Some of Las Vegas' largest commercial brands, such as Walmart, Lulu Lemon, McDonalds, and Tilly's, are served by Callidus Electric. If they trust us, then you should. Our team as commercial electricians is prepared to meet your electrical demands 24/7. Now call Callidus.

HOA and Property Management

For around 50 separate property management firms, we currently have over 25,000 houses on which we do electrical maintenance. Tell us about our HOA and Property Managers Electrical Software.

Solar Panel Installation

If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint while saving money, solar panels are a perfect option. Ask us what government services, local subsidies, or resources are available to help with your solar project.

Landscape and Architectural Lighting

The difference between a good project for landscaping and a poor one is lighting. Work on your landscape lighting with Callidus Electric to make your dream-yard a reality.


Callidus Electric provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for wiring that include:

Wiring audit

Wiring repair

Wiring replacement

Wiring Installation

No Project is Too Small or Too Big for Callidus Electric

Both residential and industrial customers operate with Callidus Electric. Our team is prepared 24/7 for any project-whether it 's a parking lot emergency or you need a ceiling fan installed. Now give us a call.

Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers

For Callidus, no project is too small. If you need assistance installing a ceiling fan or candlestick, send us a call. Callidus has everything from simple residential ceiling fans to large commercial candlesticks installed.

LED and Induction Lights

The most powerful lighting options available are the LED and Induction Lights. Callidus Electric may be of assistance in installing or removing lighting around your home or business.

Pool Lighting

Need pool lighting help? Send Callidus Electric a call today for installation of new pool lights, or repair of old ones.

Home Theaters

You need help to mount a home theater, then send a call to Callidus. Our experts have set up hundreds of home theaters throughout the numerous areas of the Las Vegas Valley region and can support you as well.

Electric Panel Swaps

Electrical panels often can not be fixed and must be replaced. Ask us about our electric panel swapping and replacement operation.

LED Light Installation

The LED lights light up your home or company. Consult us on how to turn your light installation dream into a reality.

Other Services

Other Services Include:

Install light fixtures

Install outdoor lighting

Install outlets or switches

Relocate outlets or switches

Repair outlets or switches

Repair panel

Replace or upgrade panel

Restore power

Electric panel installation

Install fan

Install ground wire

Install security system

Repair fan

Repair light fixtures


Install electric car charger

About Callidus Electric

Callidus is a family owned, run, licensed, bonded , and insured company. We're trusted by some of Las Vegas' largest commercial brands as well as thousands of people. Our aim is to provide you with a high quality, straightforward and timely service.

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