5 Things to Ask Calgary SEO Agency before Hiring Them

Online businesses or even organizations with an internet presence would like their intended audience to be able to see them easily on the internet search. That is why businesses today always engage in search engine optimization. If you have a just set up your own business and would like to avail SEO services of SEO services from a Calgary SEO company, then you must be able to ask your potential providers these 5 questions to help you determine which among them you should hire or do business with.  

Calgary SEO Consultant

1.How can you help us improve our ranking in organic searches? 

A reputable SEO company will always have a serious SEO strategy. So when you ask the company representative what they are going to do about improving the ranking of your website in organic searches, they must be able to provide you a very clear idea of what they are going to do in terms that you understand. Many companies explain in jargon knowing full well that some clients can be awe-struck by their perceived technical competence. The simpler the explanation, the better

2.Do you always adhere to Google’s best practice guidelines?

Ask a Calgary SEO agency about the latest Google update and what they think about it. You may also want to ask what they have done to meet this particular Google best practice guideline. A company that doesn’t adhere to Google’s best practices are more often than not employing black hat SEO tricks. You wouldn’t want to go this way.

3.Can you share with me details of your previous clients and how did it go?

This is quite tricky as some companies that offer SEO services may be quite hesitant to share with you information about their previous projects, let alone their clients. The logic is quite simple. If you are in the business of providing service to others, would you not want your clients to bring in more customers for your business? Sharing information about their previous projects simply means that the Calgary SEO company is dedicated to providing top-notch services that can be backed up by its clients. If the company won’t share with you this information, look somewhere else.

4.What kind of SEO work do you specialize in?

There are three fundamental areas of SEO work – technical, on-page, and off-page. You may want to ask your prospective SEO company what type of search engine optimization work they specialize on. If they say they work on all 3 aspects, then you might want to probe deeper.

5.Can you guarantee me that our website will rank in the top spot for any major search term? 

Asking this question clearly separates the true SEO companies from the pretenders. If they guarantee that they can make your website number 1 in the organic search results pages, you know that this is bull, especially if they are relatively new and they don’t have proof to back their claims.

Choosing the right SEO companies is crucial to ensuring your online business success. It is, therefore imperative that they answer these questions exceedingly well.