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Use your front yard and porch to make a statement, help sell your home, or most importantly, because you enjoy them yourself! Thought, care, and strategic landscaping can transform even the humblest of front yards into showstoppers.1. Cottage Garden.View in galleryWhen you’re short on space, bid a front lawn of grass adieu and say bonjour to a front yard garden. Perennials intermixed with rock pathways, landscape mulch, and a well-designed seating area makes this front yard garden colorfully inviting.3.

Water Feature.View in galleryNot all water features are created equal, it’s true, but it’s important that the feature doesn’t overpower the yard and vice-versa.
This simple potted feature has a place of prominence but matches the water-saving aura of the rest of the front yard by not being extravagantly watery.5. Stately Potted Topiaries.View in galleryPotted topiaries provide a feeling of symmetry and orderliness, even amidst a free-flowing flowery front yard space. Wildflowery Perennials.View in gallerySome of the most gorgeous front yards I’ve seen have the look of a wild flowering meadow.

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