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Ideas For Front Yard Landscaping Without Grass are 23 high resolution pictures again to check, so do not miss to see Remarkable images all in Ideas For Front Yard Landscaping Without Grass article galleries for your next inspiration by clicking the thumbnail below. Posted by George Dame, Tags: backyard landscaping ideas no grass, ideas for backyards without grass, lawn free landscaping ideas, no grass backyard designs and Outdoors - Garden. That is why many homeowners especially mothers take extra time to care for their front yard meticulously. To give you an idea, Cesar Millan installed it for his dog training facility, and I have a list of animal shelters and humane society shelters who have installed EasyTurf in their facilities. If soil is clay and not worked up and amended first it is like cement and grass roots won't penetrate it.

Before planting anything, grass included, you need to have top soil and some compost added to it.
As far as real grass, I think it's just too high maintenance and I don't have adequate time to prep and care for it.
I have been strongly considering pea gravel, but I also don't want to lose all the green space. Wondering if there is a ground cover i could mix in with the pea gravel that would be lower maintenance than grass, require less water and stand up to wear and tear from dogs. I put the 4 -Way dirt down when we moved in and tossed grass seed on it watered in 2 times a day till the grass was 3" tall before cutting it.

I've fertilized it, seeded it and watered, and watered it and nothing but fugly grass and weeds.

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