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The next deck I have to show you guys is a deck based around the card XYZ Dimension Splash. There is a lot of draw power to get you to the combo pieces and hopefully from there you can make some game changing XYZ monsters. The release of Tenki really gave this deck a boost, but I'm almost certain that Fire Fist will be the better choice at the end of the day. All the deck really does is drop a bunch of monsters that replace themselves alongside a bunch of traps in order to protect those monsters. You can then XYZ into a rank 4 with them and when Leo is detached, you will get a free search! One is a Monster Reborn for Heraldic Monsters and one special summons 2 Heraldic Monsters from your grave and immediately XYZ summons with them.

Something that this deck does a bit better than Fire Fist, however, is that it can drop monsters that consistently replace themselves.
Every Cool Deck Ideas article will provide 3 decks and I try to make one of these article every other month or so, so stay tuned for the next one. I know the Bro Fists and Water decks are a thing, but I still think your Tenki Genius idea could give the Fire and Water tribes a bit of trouble if piloted correctly. Some of the coolest new cards in Cosmo Blazer are XYZ Remora, Fire Formation - Tenki, XYZ Dimension Splash, and Heraldic Beast Leo. Speaking of rank 4s, this deck is filled with a bunch of level 4 monsters and it should be a piece of cake to summon them!
Both of these cards work great in conjunction with all of the milling going on in this deck.

I know it is almost always pretty garbage, but it is actually really good alongside a Swap Frog in this deck.
This can often be a problem for the opponent, especially when backed up with all of the trap support in the deck.
Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything all that neat with XYZ Remora, but I managed to build some really fun decks with the other cards. I hope you guys can give these decks a try and tell me your thoughts.

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