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Wooden garden ornaments, even with the simplest shapes, provide additional extraordinary touch to your landscape. To start this simple project of wooden garden ornaments manufacturing, you have to prepare all the equipment and materials completely and accurately. Once you get the template that you want, immediately continue your work by tracing the outline of the shape of ornaments to the plywood with a pen or marker. Paint the front and cutting edge wooden yard ornaments with acrylic paint or latex exterior paint. Cut 2-inch-wide, 1-inch-thick strips of treated wood to fit the height of ornaments, plus 12 inches.

The Flower Pot Man garden character ornaments look good decorating lawn edges, water features, landscape areas, decking or the conservatory. Flower Pot Lady or The Wedded Couple wedding gift (great for the 5th wedding anniversary which is wood)! Wooden character log man garden ornaments for landscaping your garden, various models in the collection to match any hobby or personality. The easiest way to create ornaments such creations is to use plywood treated in any way you like, such as making wooden Santa in his sleigh or a basket of wooden Easter eggs for the holidays or to make a wooden tulips or daffodils planted permanently form around the base of a large tree.
Our all-purpose crate made of beautiful real wood is a safe and aesthetic place to store your garden furniture cushions.

To enhance its beauty, you can decorate these ornaments with paint and line them up with string lights to enhance your outdoor space. Finally, your job is exactly done well after you finish this step; enter the 12-inch strip of wood to risk ornament page.

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