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The custom design of the brickwork provides an elegant transition from parking to the front door.
The walls, columns, and attractive landscaping soften this entrance and provide a beautiful transition space to welcome visitors. This custom designed brick work and simple boxwood hedge accentuate the entrance to this beautiful home in Columbia. The custom stone facade of this well designed kitchen goes perfectly with the full range bluestone floor paving. This well manicured lawn and newly planted landscape provide a gorgeous background for the brick fireplace.

However, with a little information and planning, you can make this dormant time of year a beneficial one for your clients – and your landscaping company. Clients may underestimate the time it takes to plan for and complete a large-scale landscaping project.
After checking aerating off the fall to-do list, clients may wait until warmer months to enlist professional landscape services again. Nothing looks nicer for holiday parties and cozy entertaining than a beautiful winter landscape. Many spring bulbs actually need to be planted in early December, while some trees and ornamental grasses also thrive when planted in late winter months.

Advise your clients to think about how they’d like their yard to look and function next season once the winter months begin.

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