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Flower beds can vary in sizes and shapes, allowing to personalize garden design and create pleasant and very different accents.
It is not difficult to create and maintain attractive flower beds with gorgeous blooming plants and edging.
Plan your flower beds around shrubs, or in places where you can easily see your beautiful flowers. A regular flower bed can be designed in a strict geometric shape with a simple decoration pattern created with flowering plants or small ornamental plants. Irregular flower beds are creative compositions of various plants that are planted in small groups.
The Primula (Primrose) is a beautiful hardy winter flower that will add vibrant color to your garden! So knock down the winter chill by adding a little warmth to your garden with colors, texture and beauty.
For over 20 years, Peterson’s Landscaping has been providing residential and commercial property owners in the DFW area with the finest in landscape services. These traditional and beautiful elements can add charming look to any corner of the garden and create spectacular centerpieces, making your yard landscaping ideas more scenic, colorful and inviting.

Flower beds transform outdoor living spaces and allow to add original details to garden designs Placing a flower bed in front of a window or near the entrance to the house adds charm to your home and allow you to enjoy it all the time. Even if you do not have an experience and knowledge in the field of yard landscaping and garden design, you can make a wonderful flower bed by following a few simple steps.
Select a good location for your flower beds, evaluating it from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of suitable environment for your plants. Small flowering plants look great everywhere, but can attractively mask bare spots on your lawn or add softness to your fence design. Your personal taste and ability to design attractive flower arrangements can help to create gorgeous flower beds and experiment with colors and types of flowers. Simple and symmetrical, these flower beds feature flowers that bloom at the same time, creating clear line or simple geometric shapes with color. If you want to use a combination of bright flowers, you can create stripes with flowering plants or cover your flower bed entirely.
Small flowering plants and seasonal flowers need to planted in according with their size and blooming time. The spacing is important to keep flowering plants healthy and make your flower bed look elegant and groomed in the future.

Creative edging ideas help to add organization to yard landscaping and beautify garden design. Flowers that bloom at different times create fabulous centerpieces to garden design, allowing to enjoy beautiful flowers from early spring to winter.
Ornamental kale looks great planted directly into the ground, or in pots, bringing stunning hues of purple, cream and green to your flowerbeds and patios. Attractive edging ideas turn flower beds into gorgeous centerpieces, allowing to enjoy them from different angles, each time finding something new and charming in garden design.
Wooden or stone retaining wall designs are great edging ideas that add rustic vibe to yard landscaping and create garden designs that look natural. It will last through the winter until the weather starts to heat up again, but it doesn’t like drastic changes in weather conditions from one day to the next.

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