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HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. When getting a new Windows computer, the first thing many people do is tweak the background and themes to change the look and feel. If you want to customize the look and feel of Windows 7, a great place to start is with Themes and Backgrounds. In the screen that opens you can go through and try out different ones from Aero Themes to High Contrast Themes.
Here you can decide which background pictures are shown, how often they change, and the picture position. So now you’ve played around with the default pictures and themes but you want to make your own and customize it up a bit. Once you have a picture selected for the Background Screen you can then start customizing other features like the Window color.
You have several choices of different colors and can mix them around to get it to your liking.

Here you can go through different sound schemes and see how they will sound for different program events like logon, system notifications, low battery alarm…etc. Give it a name and it will be stored in My Documents folder, then you can share it with your family via Homegroup or email the file to them.
Usually the version of Windows 7 you receive includes region specific themes based on your country and language. Someone suggested that I upload the picture online and then set it as my desktop, which worked.
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In this article we will show you how to change themes and backgrounds, find hidden themes, and create a background slideshow on your desktop.
In this example one of the Landscapes pictures is unselected, it will change every 10 minutes, and are set to shuffle. You can go through all of the pictures and select the ones you want in different categories like something in Characters for example.

You can use your own pictures…click on the Browse button then navigate to the directory where your pictures are located. You might find something appealing with the default themes offered by Microsoft, but the real fun comes when you create your own. If you’re using your own pictures, if they are lower resolution and you try to make them larger then they might end up being blurry. If you’re looking for some awesome wallpapers to use in creating your own themes, check out our list of collections below. We already have a guide that you can read — How To Turn Your Desktop into a Picture Slideshow in Windows 7.
To find out how to access these hidden themes read our article – Access Hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7.

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