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Sealing concrete has become a standard maintenance practice because that’s how you protect and preserve your investment in concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios. If you’ve been sealing your own concrete from the start, then you know the history of the products used and frequency of application. You should clean concrete before applying sealer for the first time, or reapplying a new layer of the same product. Depending on the type of sealer you’re using, cracks in the concrete should generally be addressed before sealing, and after cleaning. Using the cheapest, consumer grade sealer on the market will usually create more trouble than it’s worth. The temperature and sun exposure at the time the sealer is applied has a direct impact on the end result.

Just as you wouldn’t walk across wet cement, do not access sealed concrete until it has thoroughly dried according to product specifications. There are many important steps to follow to have a seal that protects and prolongs the life of your concrete, which is why so many homeowners turn to Mosby Building Arts’ sealing professionals.  With over 20 years of sealing experience, Mosby has researched and found the best available product, which is not available in retail at this time. Mosby sealing professionals know the proper way to repair, caulk, clean and seal concrete right the first time. But if you’re working with a previously sealed surface that you don’t know with what product or the last time it was done, stripping away the old sealer before applying new is a good idea.
Not only does powerwashed concrete look better, but also allows the sealer to adhere to the material rather than layers of dirt and oil.
If small cracks have become larger with time, this can indicate a problem with the ground beneath the concrete surface, and needs to be corrected.

The best sealers are a complex blend of chemistry designed to bond to the concrete internally and protect the surface. Along with a drying time, there may also be a curing time, so carefully read and follow the instructions about when it’s safe for the concrete to get wet. The rule of thumb is the higher the quality of the sealant and the application, the lower the frequency of reapplication. These detergents are available at the hardware store, but opt for an alkaline-based type rather than muratic, which can etch and weaken your concrete.

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