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My friend, Alan Schmadtke, built a garden bed for his wife, Cindy, using the raised garden bed plans my husband Lars used to create me backyard raised beds. About the time my wife and I were cutting out and building two new gardens in our back yard last year, Julie and Lars were raising the level of gardening in Central Florida.
The second weekend went much faster and consisted of filling the garden with compost, manure and topsoil. Everything looked about right at this point, except we needed to fill the garden with dirt.

Next time around, I might aim to drill all the holes in the same place and go through all the timbers. This entry was posted in Gardening and tagged fall garden, garden plans, garden soil, landscape timbers, raised beds, raised garden bed, raised garden bed plans by Julie Anderson. But we now have an 8-foot by 4-foot raised garden bed, perfect for broccoli, lettuce and a few herbs.
Using an online calculator, we figured we needed a little less than 1 cubic yard of topsoil.

We lined the bottom of the garden with newspaper and cardboard to help keep the weeds out and then added some compost and bark and then started adding the dirt.

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