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Going back in history, landscapes were originally used primarily to fill in the blank space behind a person or scene by painters, and other artists.
In trying to answer the question, “what is landscape photography”, I came across many possible definitions including “the branch of photography dealing with the representation of natural scenery” to “photos of pretty much anything as long as it’s outside”! Landscape photography is not purely about taking yourself to beautiful locations- in fact the real skill comes from finding the beauty in everyday life.
I came across a quote that I liked by Eliot Porter, an American nature photographer- “All the cycles of life are beautiful.” This quote rings true to the landscape photographer, as you search for the “special parts” in life around you.
Many great landscape photos have been taken in places that would not usually be considered beautiful- by choosing what to include or exclude, and bringing your own unique perspective, you can choose the scene that best represents your creative vision. Another aspect of landscape photography is to share the feelings that come with these incredible moments in time. Landscape photography should remind you of that connection we all have to the land, and remind you to stop every so often, to take a big breath, and be aware.
Landscape pictures can also show both the strength and the fragility of nature- the volatile beauty of the wilderness and the earth that needs to be protected.
Landscape photography is not photojournalism, it is not a not documentary, its aim is not necessarily to capture scenes in their ordinary state. Landscape photography can be challenging- it is all about working within the fixed constraints of the land. However, landscape photography is an addictive pursuit- every time that the light is inadequate, the wind too strong or the tourists in your way- makes the moments when it all comes together even more special! As a self taught landscape photographer, who has learned everything from the hours of waiting for the perfect light to the mistakes committed, I feel both glad and proud to share the secrets and the insights of landscape photography that contributes to the making of a great photograph.

But before telling you the few basic ingredients to perfect landscape photography, let me tell you one secret that holds true even for the universe.
Remember that what you call as a good shot is the one that focuses your attention on the subject by using a fairly sparse background and a simple and interesting composition to strike a clear harmony. Not just landscape photography, any picture you click, requires that subtle judgment of de-clattering your picture. In my vertical, which is landscape photography, I’ve often seen that photographs that win competitions are often the ones that make fascinating use of light. Take heed of the above ingredients and mix them in an equal proportion according to your subject, place and time and you’ll see that in no time you have a photograph that you can be proud of!
You said it right… In landscape, you will depend a lot on nature because it will be nature that is giving you the light!
We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. When shooting digital landscape photographs, color is the default option -- and a tempting one. For all these reasons, color photographs -- including my own -- sometimes seem to me to say more about color itself, and the photographer's preferred way of seeing color, than the actual subject.
However as art and photography has evolved, the “background” was seen to have artistic value in and of itself. A good landscape picture will have you finding interesting details in the photo for several months after you first see it.
As a landscape photographer, I can guarantee the fact that a great shot takes a lot of time and a whole lot of mental preparation.

This photograph records the way I saw Frederick's Hill in Branch Conservancy, Middleton, WI when I processed the file, based on my memory of the scene and how I thought it would look best in color. The key to every great thing is to strike the harmony right and landscape photography is not an exception.
Our brains construct the color we see, providing us with a more or less stable visual environment in wildly different lighting conditions, all of which photograph differently. A hundred different photographers could have shot from the same spot with different cameras and processing techniques, and there would be subtle -- and not so subtle -- differences between all their photos.
These changes in photography have meant that we are now flooded with images on social media, television and in advertising. Behind a photograph that is par excellence, there are days of research, hours of thoughts, weeks of getting to know the topography, angles, crowds etc., endless failures and months of sleepless eyes eager to catch the perfect moment. Most serious photographers do additional post processing in an image editor like Photoshop. Professional film shooters required considerable technical finesse to match what their eye saw on slide film, juggling many variables, including the choice of film itself --each had its own characteristics that determined the final image.

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