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Landscape managers make sure that plans for landscaping are implemented and the final product is pleasing and functional. Landscape managers may work for a parks and recreation department to oversee to look of municipal parks. Landscape management includes making sure non-native plants thrive in their new environment. Landscape management is the process of overseeing the design, creation, and maintenance of a landscaping project.
One of the most basic types of landscape management has to do with maintaining residential yards. In like manner, landscape management may focus on creating and maintaining a landscape design around office buildings or corporate campuses.

While landscape management for homes and businesses may require nothing more than a working knowledge of flora and fauna along with an eye for detail and design, choosing to be involved in the maintenance of forests and other wooded areas is somewhat more complex.
I am taking a contemporary landscape architecture class, and I never knew there was so much involved in garden landscaping.
Regenerative landscape management is the application of techniques which seek to restore landscape function and deliver outcomes that include sustainable production, an improved natural resource base, healthy nutrient cycling, increased biodiversity and enhanced resilience. A small but growing group of land managers in Australia are using practical, effective, high-performance practices focusing on integrated soil, water and vegetation management that we believe can show us the way to restoring the landscape. Read more in the Soils for Life Report Innovations for Regenerative Landscape Management or learn how you too can practice regenerative landscape management by visiting the adopting regenerative approaches page. And if you're wondering what's in it for your bottom line if you change the way you manage you landscape, have a look at the Production and Economic Benefits that are already being achieved.

We have been very fortunate to study a number of inspiring innovative farming enterprises and landscape management organisations. This connection, derived from experience, has given them the insight to understand that it is their responsibility to enhance and preserve their landscape for future generations.

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