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Getting good light in a landscape shot is the same difference between shooting a model with and without makeup.
For most people, when they think of a landscape, they think of big expanses shot using a wide-angle lense. Photographer Punam Dave had all the ingredients for a perfect landscape shot - the glorious blue sea, lush green trees and moss covered rock - until a rather surly looking baboon suddenly popped into her picture.
In both of those shots the sky and clouds were the most interesting part of the shot, so I angle the camera up to include more of those things in the shot. The major difference with him was that it was at dusk and he had to rig his very large (5X7 or !0X8 ) plate camera with a very heavy tripod on top of his vehicle to get the shot before the sun totally disappeared.

Punam, 24, said: 'I was actually busy setting up my camera to take a shot of Dias beach which you can see in the background when all of a sudden this baboon came and sat right in the middle of my view.
This low warm light is also near sunrise and sunset and those are obvious times to add amazing colors to a landscape. To get this shot you need the fortitude to sit there half the day for the sun to get low and possibly put up a nice sunset for you.
I’m not suggesting you do anything dangerous, only you try pushing yourself beyond your typical comfort zone to really work for that shot. Ms Dave, a counsellor from Limpopo Province in northern South Africa, ignored the attention-hungry animals and began to set up a beautiful shot of the sparkling ocean - when a poker-faced baboon jumped into the frame.

Since you can get more in the shot, it allows you to get much closer to the subject filling the frame with more of what you want having fewer distractions. Landscape photography is often uncomfortable, slightly dangerous and downright boring, but if you’re willing to work past these challenges, the results will create incredible impact.

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