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As a Frederick, MD landscape maintenance company, Ruppert Landscape manages some of the most recognizable properties in Frederick. Sometimes referred to as managers, landscaping supervisors direct the activities of landscaping and lawn care workers. National Average Pay and Pay RangeAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, supervisors and managers of lawn care and landscaping workers earned an average wage of $21.68 an hour and an average salary of $45,100 a year as of 2012.
Pay by Employment SituationThe majority of landscaping supervisors worked for private companies in 2012, earning an average of $43,110 per year.
Job OutlookAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 202,900 landscaping supervisors worked in the United States as of 2010. Whatever your personal situation is, the success of your company largely rests on the backs of your employees doing the work in the field. As landscape companies grow to a half million in sales or so, it's often necessary to begin adding non-field personnel to the payroll. From a managers standpoint, Bass says he has found that providing a job description detailing responsibilities is only the first step.

Of course, it's not set in stone that landscape contractors have to assign the above mentioned duties to their account managers. Half of landscaping supervisors working in the United States made between $33,170 and $54,680 a year. The BLS projects that jobs for landscaping supervisors will grow at a rate of about 15 through 2020, creating an estimated 30,700 new jobs by the end of the decade. They not only do the physical work of actually servicing accounts, but also sell and manage, respond to customers and do bookkeeping. Whatever your company does the most of—be it lawn maintenance, irrigation system service work, planting trees and shrubs, or whatever—that's where you start with job descriptions. Assigning that responsibility to account managers, in writing via the job description, is a great way to make that happen—while also ensuring that your new overhead expense (account manager's salary) makes an immediate contribution to your bottom line. ONet reports that 55 percent of landscaping supervisors hold high school diplomas, and 33 percent hold an associate's degree. Supervisors working in colder states may need to find other employment during the winter months, when landscaping services are not usually needed.

The owners of larger landscape companies—who rarely if ever work on a crew anymore—wear many hats of their own; as a company gets bigger, the behind-the-scenes demands grow exponentially.
How extensive simply depends on what tasks you expect your landscape maintenance technicians to perform.
Landscaping supervisors in the South tended to earn the least, though West Virginia reported the lowest average salary for this occupation, $35,069 a year. When you're doing bookwork at the kitchen table on a Thursday night, you're the administrative manager.

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