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Shading is the easiest and most cost-effective way to lower air conditioning costs and provide some relief from the scorching Columbus sun. Focusing on these four energy saving landscape ideas can cut your heating and cooling costs, and save energy. In today’s economy it’s more important than ever to discover effective ways to save on a facility’s operation costs.
In the current state of the economy, some small business owners have implemented creative measures to cut small business costs. At times, small businesses are faced with the difficult task of having to cut costs; however, cost cutting doesn’t have to mean eliminating staff or discarding valuable supplies.
You can decrease the frequency of services like landscaping but cutting back on fire and life safety system services aren’t quite the same.  One results in disappointing the landscaper the other expensive fire code violations and an enraged boss who has to pay for the fines, yikes! Often times small inexpensive repairs fall to the way side and don’t get attention until they become major costly problems. On your own you can keep parts in stock and have regular maintenance performed to avoid costly repairs.

In order to maintain your competitive position in the varied business landscape, here are four easy and unexpected ideas for reducing business costs. Instead, cutting costs can be achieved by making systems more efficient, taking advantage of valuable resources, and tracking business assets.
While the sun is good for crops and gardens, there is one thing it definitely impacts- home energy costs. Fortunately there are 5 ways to reduce the cost of fire protection system services that will keep you code compliant and off the boss’s radar. There are a number of ways to promote your business without using television ads, billboards, and radio spots.
It’s extremely costly to rip out and replace a system that’s only a few years old because it was selected based on the facilities needs at that time. Just be mindful and make sure you get a cost breakdown and know how much it will cost each year so there are no surprises. Most businesses operate by giving their clients either 30 or 60 days to pay invoices; however, the longer your payment term, the higher your borrowed costs are going to be.

From small shrubs to tall maple trees, here are four ways landscape can reduce your energy costs this summer. Evergreen shrubs that are planted on the north and northwest side of the home will provide a barrier from wind in summer and winter, which can save on heating and cooling costs. Having common parts in stock will eliminate the cost of the added trip, dramatically reducing the cost of the repairs. With asset tracking from Wasp, you can easily cut costs, save time, and relieve unnecessary stress. Small businesses are seeing value and benefiting financially by using these lower cost marketing tools.

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