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So when I saw a great tutorial onĀ The Hip House Girl — with a DIY fountain you can make with a pot, I wanted to give it a try!
Cut aluminum L-bracketsĀ  to fit over the bucket (these will carry the weight of your pot and water for the fountain). Run the tubing up through the mesh and through the ceramic pot above and attach it to the Nozzle kit to the top.

Here are some awesome do-it-yourself water feature projects from the expensive to the thrifty. Im actually thinking about using your concept but building it on a larger scale for fountain to go into my pond. Whether it be a pond, fountain, waterfall, or stream, water is a striking and beautiful addition to a yard, garden, or even interior.

Elaborate or simple, water features can be both soothing and eye-catching additions to homes, particularly when they feature running water.

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