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VOLT® Lighting, a leading online provider of indoor and outdoor lighting products, announced today the introduction of a new line of LED landscape lighting kits. LED landscape lighting kits from VOLT® Lighting represent a new product category for the company.
Volt Landscape Lighting professionals and Volt commercial lighting contractors who install Volt LED Outdoor Lighting fixtures and Brass Lifetime LED Volt lighting kits can design night lighting by take a picture of the clients property and using Landscape Lighting Software and Lighting Effects. Use the Landscape Lighting Software program to place Volt Lighting fixtures as if they were installed. Use Landscape Lighting Effects to choose a shade of darkness and apply the lighting effects.
Volt Lighting dealers can now show clients what they have a hard time visualizing using Landscape Lighting Software and Volt Lighting fixtures.
Landscape Lighting Software helped me obtain my first landscape lighting job by allowing me to provide a customer a visual of what she could expect with the finished product. The "Wow" of seeing their backyard as if the fixtures were installed and it was night closed the deal for me.

Landscape Design Imaging Software has been solving the contractors problem for over 30 years by making presentations easy. Both groups appreciate the cost savings compared to buying individual components; and the time savings of letting VOLT® put the components together. This follows a series of other new categories that include commercial, industrial, and security lighting. While the company maintains a strong focus in the landscape lighting sector, it also has the facilities and resources to further expand their lines. LED, still lacking maturity, was of poor quality and provided inconsistent lighting effects at best.
Halogen bulbs must be powered at voltages between 10 and 12 volts - anything outside that range serious diminishes lamp life. The daisy chain can not be used with halogen because the higher wattages lead to more voltage drop.
It's easy to convert your existing system just by replacing your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs.

Your initial investment in changing to LED bulbs gets paid back in a few years, and you continue to save for the life of your home. If you install landscape, pavers, hardscape and lighting check out our program GreenScapes.
They feature cast brass fixtures, waterproof connectors, and robust power supplies with simple control units. The typical LED garden light at a big box store will have no more than a 1-year warranty (if that!) That doesn't make much sense - buying an LED light that's supposed to last for 20 years but is only warranted for 1 year. This is why, if you are serious about getting garden lights that will last in your landscape, you need to buy the well-engineered, durable brass light from a company like VOLT® Lighting. The lifetime warranty on every LED fixture and LED bulb tells you that these are some very robust products.

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