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Fish World, a fish care taking Facebook app in a sea of other virtual aquarium titles, has always been one of our favorites when it comes to this underwater genre.
Though virtual gardens have never seen the digital “gold rush” that farming and aquariums did, they have appeared in limited quantity from time to time — after all, many of the game mechanics are the same. Players enter into world that is like Fish World (or many farming games, for that matter): You get a plot of land, and you can tend it to earn points with pruning shears instead of an aquarium sponge, or a weeding rake.
The primary monetization method for Garden World is through the virtual currency Gardenbucks. There are few of us that fail to be bewitched by walking through a beautifully tended garden. Garden Simulator brings your green fingers to the desktop allowing you to lovingly shape your own garden by growing a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables, brought to life with stunning graphics. Grow for pleasure or tend your garden in a career mode that sees you earning income from a huge wealth of design objectives. Like any real garden your floral fantasia will be affected by a sophisticated weather system. Put your horticultural skills to the test as you strive to bring your virtual garden to full bloom! Zen Garden is one of those social games that’s all about trading things for more things and buying virtual currency in order to buy more things to trade.

Starting last month and continuing through May 21, 2010 next year, Zen Garden will donate 10% of all Zennie purchases with a minimum donation of $US25,000 to the Susan G.
Developer Tall Tree Games continues to press forward on the simulation theme with a similar, land-based app called Garden World.
This familiarity allows users to easily jump in and start decorating their virtual space with little to no learning curve. With these two combined features, the game creates the standard social competition between users, but also grants them a reason to visit and aide (i.e. Tall Tree Games is well aware of the social graph and the fact that players are more likely to start playing a game if they see their friends playing it. It’s simple, easy to learn, and fun to create a quaint little garden for oneself, and based on our most recent application data, there are over a million monthly active users that would agree. Perhaps it is because gardening is the ultimate synergy of mankind and nature working in harmony. You are the architect of your own personal paradise with the ability to shape and mould your virtual garden at will. As all good gardeners are keenly aware, beware the predators of the night and keep the snails, moles and other pests away from your prized plants! The things you’re buying range from flora and fauna for your garden to fancy objects and terrain tools you can stick in your virtual garden to create a 2D space of zen.

Using concepts from the farming genre of Facebook games, players buy a planter, plant a seed, water it, and after X amount of time, it blooms.
However , what makes the game more interesting is that fully matured flowers will produce pollen. However, users are prompted with the option, for one Gardenbuck (Garden World’s buyable virtual currency) to have the result instantly.
It just seems that too many items have to be bought with the virtual currency that requires real money or offers.
Since these flowers seem to be cheap to plant once discovered, yet sell for a hefty profit (our first discovery costs 15 coins as a seed and sells for 65), such a purchase does help get the user ahead in the game more quickly. If the player opts for the in-game coins their garden, at the very least, looks sub-par. This was a chief complaint of users in Fish World, and something we pointed out regarding the sale of holiday virtual goods. Of course, if they don’t buy it, it is still a fantastic way to add depth through discovery to the game. The idea is to suck them into the game world enough so that they want to buy currency; while the developer might be making some money through making Gardenbucks near mandatory, it seems it could make even more if it enticed, instead.

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