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It gives an opportunity for success and accomplishment.He will oversee his own garden from beginning to end, he will learn patience and he will experience the joy and reward that come from anticipation and waiting. Even a single pot provides a child with room to experiment and grow multiple plants.Guide GentlyWhen gardening with children, miniature varieties are often good choices. When my son wanted to grow watermelons, I pointed him to some miniature muskmelons better suited for container gardening.

We were a little late starting her garden pot, and so I told her she couldn’t plant peas because it was too late in the spring for them. As summer wanes, beets, peas, carrots, lettuce and spinach can be planted.Your child will learn many lessons from her garden. Christy blogs at Whole Foods on a Budget, where she shares favorite recipes, tips on buying quality food on a small budget, information on gardening in small spaces and ideas for natural living, with an emphasis on encouraging her readers to do what they can to make small steps toward healthier living.

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