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With balcony available, you can use them for making your private mini garden or you can also make the best relaxing time with adding the patio in balcony for making it to be more comfortable in taking a rest. My garden is not a conventionally beautiful garden like many people's I have seen on here, but it is beautiful to me because nearly everything was grown from seeds. The majority of the plants growing here are heirloom vegetables which I am trying to grow as organically as possible, using seaweed based fertiliser - it stinks! I would really love to hear from others that grow vegetables on their balconies and verandahs, and what their best successes have been.

The popularity of vegetable gardening has waxed and waned over time, but is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years as consumers want to have a say in what they eat and how they obtain their food.
The garden generally is made in house yard because house yard has the area is enough large for making the garden. If you take attention in another apartment will be seldom you find out the balcony is designed to be beautiful mini garden. This small garden is beside useful as planting area it can also useful for area perfume because you plant many flowers in balcony which is caused the perfume come into your area inside.

However, the garden should not be available in large page but it can be created in balcony of your apartment inside with mini size. If you like planting the plants can use for medicine or foods so you can do that in balcony of your apartment with making a shelf that is filled by the plants vase you plant in order to be able to take the usefulness.

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