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I just love being mentored by a knowledgeable person and not having to learn by trial and error…especially when it comes to vegetable gardening! I am so privileged to live next door to a true backyard vegetable gardening guru.  My mentor is in his seventies, and has literally been doing this his entire life.   In other words, I am being taught by a true expert! And here’s the really good news…I’m going to share with you some of my neighbor’s most beneficial gardening tips!   His advice and tutelage has transformed my pitiful excuse for a garden into a lush and flourishing backyard garden with so much produce that I often give a good bit of it away. Before planting anything in your garden area, lay down black weed matting.  Instead of spending a lot of money on fancy shmancy hooks to secure the matting onto the ground, make your own hooks!  Simply use some wire cutters to cut metal coat hangers into pieces four inches long, bend the pieces into a U shape, and push them through the weed matting into the ground. I made my clothes hanger hook, and now I’m pushing it through the weed mat to secure it to the ground. Make sure that your vegetables, especially tomatoes, get at least eight hours of sunlight each day.  In order for this to happen, we had to cut out a few limbs of our dogwood trees. My grandmother’s garden is legendary in our family for many reasons, not the least of which is that it was weed-free.
Garden watered and growing!Finally, since the day had proven challenging with paper-catching breezes, I watered the garden thoroughly to settle down the straw and paper. I saw the TV commercial back in June on the mats and probably would of went with them but I already had the plastic down.

I also put down some landscape fabric around the edges of the mats that will be covered with grass clippings. Maybe if cost was no object and in the off season I could have truckloads of compost brought in it might be workable, but cost IS a factor and by mulching with organic material I keep the garden sustainable from one year to the next. Please understand that if these mats make you happy that is what counts, but each of us gardens in his or her own way, and they are not for me.
I love the mats because I really don't have the time to keep the garden weed free all summer with my job and kids.
Neighbor’s strange but proven method of Moon Gardening!  I wrote about this in a previous blog, so check it out if you’re interested. And this weekend, after seeing how quickly the weeds sprouted in my new garden, I decided to give her weed-proofing method a try. I wanted that garden so well mulched that it would stay clean, cool, moist, and weed-free even on the hottest of summer days! So I'm looking for something that would save me some time weeding like the garden mats or any other suggestions. For the actual garden area, I like organic mulches of various kinds which work to replenish the soil.

The mats makes it much easier to have a nice and good producing garden without as much work.
With a job and kids I can see how the mats would help produce good food and reduce your work load too. I just thought something like that garden mat might be easier since the garden is going to be much bigger next year. We put the irrigation tape over all our garden beds, plants our seedlings, then mulch it all with hay.
Regular plastic has no UV protection and they do not let air and water through -- I used the same material for a long time, before I came up with the idea for Garden Mats.

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