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If Italy is the quintessential destination for tourists, then Tuscany is one of its jewels.
Tuscany is just gorgeous in every sense of the word, the landscape with its enchanting colors, the architecture with its marvelous symmetry, the breathtaking art, the heritage, history and the people make Tuscany really the most mesmerizing of all places in European continent. The region of Tuscany is situated in the central area of the Italian Peninsula and is home to some of the greatest cities in Italy none more prominent then the city of Florence itself. Around the eight or seventh century B.C the Etruscans developed the first full-fledged civilization in the Tuscan region leading to developments of roads, agricultural fields, mining and transportation systems. By the fourteenth century Tuscany was being informally ruled by the Medici family, it was during this time that Tuscany in general and Florence in particular gave birth to the Renaissance in Europe becoming the artistic, cultural and traditional center of Italy as well as Europe. The region has just so much to offer, its vibrancy is feverish, its culture is addictive and its landscape is romantic once here it’s just so hard to be anywhere else in the world.

Florence is the darling of Tuscany; this provincial capital is a cradle of arts and culture of not only Tuscany but Italy too. Tuscany’s heritage, landscape, buildings, arts, culture and its people make it the undisputed ambassador for Italian tourism all over the world. The Romans also laid the foundation of many of the now great cities of Tuscany such as Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Siena. Florence gave Tuscany the identity it has today, during its high time Florence was able to annex the nearby provinces of Siena, Lucco and Pisa making Tuscany a political entity and forming the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The Tuscan Archipelago provides for some calm, sandy relaxation along the beaches, for adrenaline enthusiasts it also offers great water sports options such as wind surfing. This part of Italy stretches from the highlands of Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea providing variety of landscapes which are beautiful to witness as well as amazing in their richness of being.

After the fall of the Romans in 5th century A.D, Tuscany during the middle ages started to create its own identity though never fully given the political consent.
If you are searching for a glimpse into the ancient past of Tuscany then you can visit the amazing Gulf of Baratti with Vetulonia, Vulci and Pitigliano which offer a peek into its Etruscan roots while Roselle and Cosa take you back to the Roman times. Tuscany is a treasure with a limitless supply of awe inspiring sights, nature, vineyards, cities, architecture and beaches.

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