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Enter your email to receive our monthly newsletter, full of great tips, exclusive deals and upcoming events from Platinum Pools! Our Super-Light, Super-Strong rock waterfalls are pool-safe and cannot crack the wall of your swimming pool like heavy real-rock and concrete-rock waterfalls have been known to do. Prices are based off of Houston and surrounding areas.  Platinum Pools works hard to help consumers make an educated decision. Apart from creating a spectacular visual, pool waterfalls also enhance the ambiance of your outdoor design with their soothing presence.Peaceful pool retreat in New YorkEven the Chinese design philosophy of Feng Shui advocates the many virtues of flowing water and how its sound can have a positive effect on your health and happiness.

Designers often employ natural stone along with faux rock in an attempt to create a versatile setting that is as close to the real thing as possible. Some of the marvelous waterfall grotto designs on display here also feature trendy swim-up bars, serving areas and hangouts that offer a relaxing hideout. Adding both visual and textural contrast to your outdoor space, these waterfall features vary from overflowing fountains to structures that are flanked by playful water slides. Instead of focusing on one large waterfall that uses natural rock, these custom creations fit in perfectly with their modern surroundings and enhance the style quotient of your pool deck.

For example, sometimes a simple water circulating mechanism with added frills can double as a wonderful pool waterfall.

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