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There are Central park swimming pool pictures with good excellent reference for your choice. You can significantly reduce heating costs, chemical use, and save energy by using a pool cover.
Pool covers also protect your pool from dirt and debris which can reduce cleaning time and costs.
And last but not least, an automatic safety cover over your pool can mean protection for your family. It is recommended that you decide whether you’d like a pool cover and what type before or during the early stages of pool construction in order to properly accomodate the pool cover you desire. However, if you do decide that you’d like to add an automatic pool cover to your existing pool, you do have options. For vanishing edge pools, a special undertrack system can be set up to accomodate an automatic pool cover. ABOUT JUBILEEWe are a top qual­ity swim­ming pool builder and land­scape con­trac­tor with afford­able prices.
The only downside is that you need to pump water off your pool cover a couple times a year.  Look at all the gunk that we prevented from entering our pool! Even with such high costs, we feel it is essential to have a swimming pool cover to save money and be more green. These systems include a Solar Pool Heater controller that you can set to turn off the system or prevent water over a certain temperature from getting circulated.

Our solar pool heater system has worked well, heating water well into the 80’s and easily extending the swimming pools season. I must agree with Monique in regard to the differnce between a safety cover and a solar cover. Pool covers are ideal for protecting the pool when it is not used for long periods, or for preventing access from unauthorized people, young children or pets.
Swimming pool Design are not just beautiful, they enhance safety, if you’re considering getting a swimming pool for your property.
Automatic undertrack, sometimes called recessed undertrack, is built underneath the pools coping. Be sure to discuss incorporating such a system at the beginning planning stages of pool construction. We serve San Diego County and South Orange County Cal­i­for­nia as a pre­mier swim­ming pool builder. The period when our pool was uncovered, allowed us to see how much chemicals and time is spent when you don’t have control over water and chlorine evaporation. They are essentially rubber tubes laid on your roof, through which your pools water passes through. I think it is wonderful that you are promoting pool covers; it is possible to save huge on energy and water bills! At the same time, they help maintain the temperature of the water, extending your fun time in the pool.

Our last cover lasted only 6 years then it started fraying near the ropes situated at the side of the cover, where the stitches are. Our original cover lasted a lot longer, probably because the previous owner did not use the pool much.
However, I want to make sure people understand the difference between solar covers and safety covers. Plus, they keep the pool clean from leaves and debris and they reduce water and electricity bills and the costs for disinfectants. A recessed toptrack model fits both free-form and rectangular pools and can be installed on new and existing pools.
They are not repairable, so we had to live with it as long as we could still open and close the cover.
A low-profile track is mounted to the deck, and when the cover is retracted it disappears into housing that is recessed below the deck.
A low-profile track is mounted on the deck, and the mechanism and retracted cover are hidden in an attractive enclosure.

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