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If you're considering putting up a swimming pool in your backyard for the summer, it's almost time to start shopping around.
When you want something different than the traditional rectangular swimming pool, custom built Kidney shaped pools are the perfect solution.
This is just a small showcase of the many Kidney shaped swimming pools the experts at Bob’s pool Builders have designed and installed.
When you're adding a major water element like a swimming pool to your property, you want to consider the impact it will have on the Feng Shui of your property. Also we consider the idea of how many members of the family who will swim and enjoy the fresh water in the pool. If you must have a rectangular pool, make sure none of the sharp angles point toward your house. With that we can say that the size of our swimming pool as well as its shape is very important. The best shape of the swimming pool that will surely accommodate the entire members of the family needs to be chosen.As we all know that there are so many shapes of swimming pool that will suit to the lot area in your outdoor space.

If you have two pools, such as a kiddie pool and larger pool, or swimming pool and a hot tub, connect them by means of a bridge or paving stones.3. That is why today we have gathered the different shapes of swimming pool designs that will help you decide what shape will meet your available resources.
So now we will amaze you with the twenty images of various shapes of swimming pool designs. Not only is a dirty pool a health hazard, it's also bad Feng Shui in regard to your finances.
Indeed these different shapes of pools that are designed by many pool designers are perfectly beautiful and remarkable. Even if we need to consider some factors that will help us decide on what shapes that might possibly match the concept and location of our house.
If you are still confused as to what pool shape to choose, you can read on How to Choose Pool Design and Shape.
The pool should be placed so that it feels balanced on the property -- not too close or too far away from the home.

We have shared to you the different shapes of swimming pool designs in our previous post and we are certain that you have decided what shape would you think is suited in your landscape. And for sure that certain shapes of swimming pool will really complement with the beautiful area in your backyard. The kidney shape may be on the top of your list since it is usually popularly chosen by so many homeowners.Well the kidney shaped pool is similar to a long oval pool with an indentation on one side. So now we will let you choose among the 20 Kidney Shaped Pools that we have collected from the different designers.
You can look at the 10 Different Shapes of Swimming Pools and be guided on How to Choose Pool Design and Shape.

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