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Designing and building poolscapes is serious business, requiring real project management and construction expertise.
Southview works closely with reputable and experienced subcontractors to design and build comprehensive landscapes. For swimming pool and landscape design and construction, call the experts – Southview Design. Our design-build process ensures skillful planning and execution of even the most challenging projects.
From beating the scorching summer days relaxing with friends and family, to build an underground pool in your backyard can be a great investment in a variety of ways.
Rectangle: With straight edges and a long and narrow design, the rectangular pool is ideal for water aerobics, exercise, and swimming laps. Oval: With rounded edges that give a softer look muffle official impression that comes with a rectangular shape, oval pools are optimal for families with children, which are quite in water sports and games.
Kidneys: The kidneys-shape makes the perfect choice for those who wish to customize their pool to fit into the space they have in their backyard. Freeform: As the name suggests, the pool does not adhere to a specific shape or design pattern. L-shaped: A natural extension to the rectangular shape, L-shape is another great option for families with children and adults.
Primarily designed for extended living areas and entertainment purposes, designs Backyard gardening can be as deep as necessary. Currently, the design of swimming pool adjacent area is not very difficult, and to perform the planned project can people with average incomes.

Also should consider the type of pool: outdoor or indoor, the planned placement of buildings on the land. Even if you have clearly identified what pool you need, where it will be, construction of the facility will cause a lot of additional questions. The principle of operation of the water system pools can be overflowing with a trough for water runoff and skimmer, when the water level is below the edge of the pool by 10 cm, and the removal of water is carried out through openings in the side walls.
Second stage cannot do without the involvement of specialized equipment such as excavators for digging the pit.
For quality manufacturing base of the bowl is necessary to provide drainage system with crushed stone, sand and gravel.
It’s significant moments, since they are ultimately depends on the design of lamps, lighting line, colors, accenting.
It not only serves as a place for your family and friends to relax and unwind, but it also adds curb appeal to your home.
Nevertheless, here are some forms that are the most common and is considered ideal in the pool builders. The form allows you to set up different techniques to play your children’s favorite games. In addition, the pool looks visually appealing and more natural, and allows you to add any depth you want to meet your needs by the pool. Free-form swimming pool can take on any virtual curved to fit your total solution and to help incorporate landscaping elements. Lay out clay brick walls with a thickness of 10’’ or make the formwork and pour in rebar concrete, such a pool would be considered reinforced concrete.

Most budget option, polypropylene leak-proof design that do not require additional installation of waterproofing.
The depth and width should be 50 cm larger on each side than the expected size of the pool bowl itself, since this distance will be required for the construction of formwork and mount waterproofing. For the first two options are required project and the presence of adjacent space for the installation of pumping stations, equipment for water filtration and purification, sanitary items, communications, water heating elements, etc. Suitable for this purpose are led and halogen lamps. An additional advantage is the duration of the worktime.
As you can see, there is a lot issues before determining the design of pool and its finishing.
Today, the case is well designed: a flexible base made of silicone, soldered the resistors and LEDs, which are coated with a special sealant. Also the design of the sauna with a swimming pool may include a Spa with Jacuzzi, or additional features for relaxation.
Therefore, experts recommend LEDs for the illumination of swimming pools to use aesthetic design. For this direction is appropriate red or yellow color of the water, the contour of the bowl, lit from inside, as if floating in zero gravity… And the whole composition can be supplemented by the music.

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