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Cipriano’s wide range of services and extensive experience provide the skillset necessary to construct some of the most complicated landscape and swimming pool designs in the industry.
In 2004, the 15-year-old landscape company was joined by Licensed NJ Landscape Architect William Moore (NJ License #823), who has since led the landscape architecture team at Cipriano Landscape Design. Under Chris’ guidance, Cipriano Landscape Design continues to meet homeowner needs with style, functionality, and attention to detail that is second to none. In 2004, NJ Licensed Landscape Architect Bill Moore joined the Cipriano Landscape Design team. Cipriano Landscape Design added Company General Manager Keith Steinhoff to the team in 2000.
Shoreline Pools was founded on the premise that a swimming pool should be an extension of a home, a design statement, and an expression of lifestyle.
Spas expand recreational possibilities, add an additional level of luxury, and provide soothing hydrotherapy. Waterfalls, water slides and other water features create visually stunning elements that can make your pool even more enjoyable!
Sun Shelves provide areas to relax and lounge or play with your children without getting out of your pool. Interior and exterior pool lighting enhances your pool and property design features, and extends the use of your pool and pool area to anytime - day or night.
You’ll save on heating, cleaning, and chemical costs, but most importantly, you’ll rest easier knowing you’ve added an extra layer of safety to your pool. Laminar jets create stunning arcs of lighted water that add a new dimension to daytime or after-dark pool beauty. Our top-of-the-line pump systems add to the usability, comfort and enjoyment of your swimming pool, while saving on operating and swim pool maintenance costs. From BBQs and pizza ovens to wine refrigerators and dishwashers, your outdoor kitchen will have all the modern conveniences you need for poolside entertaining. Cipriano Landscape Design is one of the only turnkey firms in Northern New Jersey who can complete your entire custom landscape and inground swimming pool design and construction project. Landscape & Swimming Pool Designs are initiated by Certified New Jersey Landscape Architect William Moore.
Cipriano Landscape Design employs a staff of the industry's leading landscape and swimming pool professionals. Case Study: Existing Swimming pool design did not capture the essence of the home or the surrounding landscape. Realtors always say that the three most important things to look for in a property are location, location and location.
Hand crafted iridescent glass tile set in a Grecian key pattern on the waterline and pool bottom.
Natural stone piers with custom profiled trim and caps with built in irrigation and lighting.
Natural stone outdoor kitchen with stainless appliances with custom profiled trim and corbels. The goal of the swimming pool design was to create an infinity edge swimming pool that accentuated the views off site. The finishes on the swimming pool are what really took this pool from great to spectacular. The limestone coping was template cut on site and we had the limestone detailed with a custom profile by our stone masons.
The natural stone patio surrounding the swimming pool was another material that was unique to this landscaping project. Lastly, the landscape lighting on the pool was another layer of the swimming pool which was tough on installation, but proved to be a breathtaking element to the project.
Our prospect reached out to us because he saw our work and was hoping we could address some concerns he had with his swimming pool and landscaping. 250 Tons of boulders used to build a natural setting waterfall towering over the swimming pool.
Lush gardens with colorful plants surround the swimming pool area deep into the woods to add layering and depth to the landscaping.
Weathered Sandstone boulders were selected for the swimming pool waterfalls and surrounding landscape.
Finishes and details were not overlooked in the process of building this large swimming pool and waterfalls.
Through all the adversities, selections and shear magnitude of constructing the swimming pool and landscaping, the homeowner was left with a beautiful and soundly built project. Some landscape and pool companies have recently added pool building or landscaping to their business model and have to learn as they go; Cipriano has proven experience with the most advanced and intricate landscape and swimming pool features. The combination of design and construction services provides a safe, thorough, and convenient process for making your dream backyard design a reality. Bill, who leads our landscape architecture division, earned his landscape architecture degree at West Virginia University’s Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Consumer Sciences, a nationally accredited and top-rated institution.

We have led the industry in introducing innovations and custom pool features that offer our customers a wide selection of luxurious touches that elevate a swimming pool into a rejuvenating family oasis.
Sip coffee on spring mornings and enjoy cocktails on chilly fall evenings by the warmth of a custom fireplace or fire pit. It is important that you receive the correct advice when designing your pool and selecting finishing materials and equipment. I am confident that you will be there for us if we have any problems - just as you were there for us as the pool was being built. Since 2006 the Cipriano team has won 60 landscaping and swimming pool awards including 9 international design awards.
Bill brings his distinct, creative flair and unique design ideas to your new landscape and pool project or landscape and swimming pool renovations. These professionals include swimming pool technicians, horticulturists, stonemasons, licensed irrigation installers, carpenters and heavy equipment operators.
This old saying rang loud and clear for our clients when looking to remove their old uninspired swimming pool and create something truly custom and unique. For example, the waterline tile of the swimming pool consisted of a two color hand casted half inch by half inch iridescent glass tile set in a Grecian key pattern. Countless samples and testing were reviewed to match a photo the homeowners had of a pool in France. There are two hundred star lights on the bottom of the swimming pool, three multi-color wall mounted lights in the spa and swimming pool and four illuminated deck jets on the corners. He told us he had purchased home with the swimming pool but the pool had some operating and cosmetic issues, he also felt the swimming pool was to close to the home. Boulders were carefully strapped and set into place as to not damage the moss, ferns and lichen present on the stone.
A one inch by two inch running bond tile mosaic of slate and iridescent glass tiles was installed at the pool waterline and step and shelf banding.
In 2000, we added custom swimming pool construction to our repertoire of services, commencing the formation of a complete, all-inclusive outdoor living solution.
For example, our staff has installed all of the tile on our glass tile swimming pool projects over the years. Chris’s expertise ranges from preliminary site evaluation and analysis to initiating the overall development of the site, which is then integrated into a master plan of the property with his NJ landscape architecture staff.
If you ever have any questions regarding your project, you will typically find him in your back yard helping with anything from the glass tile pool installation to tree planting and patio construction. His leadership in the design office has contributed to the company earning over 70 awards for landscaping and swimming pool designs since 2006. He manages Cipriano Farms and handpicks each tree found on the farm and used on our custom landscape design projects. These are the features that have earned Shoreline’s pool designs our industry’s highest awards and our client’s appreciation and loyalty.
In 2007 Cipriano Landscape Design was recognized as one of New Jersey's leading custom swimming pool builders with a "Best in Competition" Award from the North East Spa & Pool Association. As the head of the landscape architecture office, Bill's design team approaches your landscape and swimming pool project with a consistent design and management process, combining your goals with intelligent site planning to create a one of a kind backyard oasis for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. This diverse staff allows Cipriano to complete your entire landscape and inground pool project from start to finish, bringing every one of our imaginative landscaping ideas to life. The home is situated on ten secluded mountain top acres with a captivating view of the valley and nearby city below.
The swimming pool area and subsurface soil were excavated to suitable shelf and subgrade, this required 1000 tons of clean stone below the pool and another 400 tons of compactable fill surrounding. Pulling from that tile, one inch by one inch tiles were set at all the benches, steps and shelves as well as the overflow to the infinity edge.
The urns on the masonry piers at the far side of the swimming pool have landscape lighting as do the entry piers. In addition to the swimming pool concerns there were considerable erosion and landscape issues which also needed to be addressed. Our clients loved the idea of a sunshelf as well so visitors could sit in a shallow water cove across from the waterfalls and enjoy the experience.
The old swimming pool was six hundred and fifty square set as a raised design at twenty inches higher than the adjacent patio. Three separate waterfalls were constructed on the swimming pool ledge to create varied effects with water and sound. Grey Tennessee Crab Orchard was installed as the pool coping and patio with irregular pieces as large as three foot by four foot. Bergen County NJ Bergen County NJ- The Best Backyard Design Starts With a Swimming PoolDesign to get the most out of your backyard! Today, our firm has blossomed into a 14-time international award-winning swimming pool and landscaping company. As you will see in our portfolio, we have built fiber optic pools, vanishing edge and perimeter overflow pools, and all-glass-tile pools with unmatched style and flawless detail.

To get the job done, Chris Cipriano bought a stone splitter and made his own custom blended veneer for the project.
Cipriano Farms grows mature specimen trees, perennials, and grasses that CLD installs on many of their pool, landscaping, and masonry projects.
Chris is the infield designer responsible for most of the finishes selected for a project; he is also responsible for selection of stone and plants within waterfall and swimming pool areas. His familiarity with local municipalities makes for a smooth permit process, even under the strictest of building and zoning regulations. In addition to being a landscaping and irrigation specialist, Keith is a Certified Building Professional, Certified Pool Operator, and Certified Service Professional with the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. When you hire Cipriano Landscape Design, not only do you reap the benefits of award winning experience, but you also feel the comfort of knowing every aspect of your landscaping and swimming pool project is designed, built, serviced and guaranteed by a single company.
Our clients loved their home and the rest of their property but were left feeling disappointed when in their old swimming pool and the landscaping in the surrounding area.
This led us to the installation of a three color iridescent glass Grecian key and border detail at the bottom of the swimming pool with a combined profile of approximately thirty inches wide. The landscape lighting design just finishes off the surrounding features, it accents and adds a whole new dimension to the swimming pool and landscaping after sunset.
We soon realized we were about to embark on the construction of a 1350 square foot, 200 tons of boulder masterpiece.
When we ripped out the old pool debris and saw the old gunite swimming pool was shot on top of the exposed ledge rock, we realized why the unusual pool elevation was set the way it was. The largest waterfall is fed by a small stream of cascading boulders, all set within an extended pool shell. Color changing lights were installed in the swimming pool; two in the pool, one at the Sunshelf and one in the spa. In fact, Bill is 12 for 12 in attaining variances for construction, exceptions to municipal regulations based largely on clever, innovative designs.
Exceeding our expectations and delivering as promissed is indeed rare in my experiences with contractors. Being seasoned world travelers, the homeowners had strong opinions on the landscape design, layout and materials.
The floor tile was an add-on and was very challenging to install due to the head locations of the in floor pool cleaning system.
Over two hundred and fifty tons of stone were used to create the swimming pool waterfalls and transitional planted boulder landscape slopes. Fiber optic spot lights were also installed in and around the waterfalls to create shadows, depth and accents on the stone.
A rain garden is a shallow depression in the landscape with well draining soils and vegetation to catch water and filter it back down to the ground water. As a result of Chris’s adept problem-solving attitude and ability, that Englewood job turned into a 2.5 million dollar project, and CLD found themselves firmly rooted at the top of the NJ luxury masonry & landscaping industry. Over the years, he continues to prove that he can take any wild ideas a homeowner desires and make them work functionally and aesthetically in most any outdoor living space. As Chris and Bill design extraordinary inground swimming pools and landscape designs, Keith ensures all the technical components in our custom pools & landscapes are designed to operate at the highest standards. This turned out to be our best catalyst for bringing our swimming pool to a higher level of design and craftsmanship.
In addition to the in floor cleaning system, the tile and plaster installation crews had to tiptoe around 200 fiber optic star floor lights on the pool floor. We didn't bargain for the private road entry bridge to the development which was exactly the weight of the machine & hammer, without the truck and trailer! An exposed aggregate plaster was installed in the swimming pool to create a sparkle in the water. The swimming pool plaster was selected to accentuate the tile, using a washed, exposed aggregate finish which glistens in the summer sun. All of the boulders were set within an engineered, steel reinforced gunite pool shell, which doubled as a retaining wall holding back the adjacent slope.
The icing on the cake was the volcanic fire pit installed between the main waterfall and the oversized spa. Natural gas powered flames rise from a bed of crushed glass and light up the cave created with the natural boulders. Needless to say that we, the owners and the adjacent property owners were all relieved when the hammering was behind us.

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