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This section should answer any questions you have about my process, and I've tried to include a small primer to landscaping as well. During the process she provided important focal touches to hold interest while the landscaping filled in.
A plant that germinates (usually in the spring), grows, flowers, sets seed and dies (usually in late summer or fall) over a few months time. Once established (after the first 2-3 years) these plants are naturally able to withstand dry periods with minimal irrigation. Plants that will require very little care once they are established (after the first 2-3 years). A layer of bark, peat moss, compost, shredded leaves, hay or straw, lawn clippings, gravel, paper, plastic or other material spread over the soil around the base of plants. An arbor or passageway of columns supporting an overhead of trelliswork on which climbing plants may be trained to grow. A barrier whose function is to create more privacy whether it be planted material or hardscaping. A form of ornamental slat fence, metalwork etc., used primarily as a support for climbing plants or as a screen.

We asked her to provide a plan designed for year-round interest to be harmonious with the Asian influence of our historic craftsman home. With her background in science and art, landscape architecture degree and almost a decade in landscape design, she has developed a personal style of a modern organic’ambiance: often using clean-lined hardscaping combined with a mixture of soft and structural plantings for movement and flow. The four squares in the garden are rotated with plants depending on whether it is a harvest year or cutting garden type of year. Bluestone mixed with gravel creates a hopskotch area for the kids and a place for toy trucks while the concrete patio is for adults. The Concept will show the shapes of planting beds and the placement of major trees and shrubs. On the Plan, you can expect a sketch of some view(s) of what the garden will look like, what plants we are retaining, what plants we are relocating and all plants labeled with botanical names. I will present you with a packet that will include: the Plant List, the Landscape Notes, and a Resource List.
We now enjoy three compatible garden rooms that flow together anchored with plantings, structures, sculpture and unique personal touches which reflect our taste. The plan she drew of her design was so accurate that we got a great idea of what the landscaping would look like when it was finished.

An evergreen can refer to any plant that retains its leaves for more than one annual cycle of growth. The rest of the garden was planted for the relaxation of the clients when they are waiting for their crops to grow. Please share any information that will help define what you are looking for (magazine clippings, addresses of gardens you admire, my questionnaire, plot maps, architectural plans with house footprint etc.). I will compile a separate Plant List (which includes information on each plant; recommended size, number of, botanical and common names and any other pertinent information you or a contractor might need).
Using alternative materials and textural plant combinations, Beth places unique vignettes at every turn for an experience in the garden.
We will also discuss your plant preferences in greater depth to prepare for the drawing of the Final Planting Plan.
Recycled-steel trellises planted with climbing Asparagus retrofractus and papyrus screen views from neighboring windows.

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