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Our professional profiles include verified contact information, biography, work history, affiliations and more. Our company profiles include corporate background information, detailed descriptions, and links to comprehensive employee profiles with verified contact information. June 30, 2014 —Today, nearly a year to the day of signing the purchase contract, Sonoma Land Trust has closed escrow on Pole Mountain Preserve, which, at 2,204 feet, is the highest peak along the Sonoma Coast. Sonoma Land Trust has acquired the 1,092-acre Haire Ranch on Skaggs Island along Highway 37, a long-sought after acquisition that will enable the restoration of 4,400 acres of diked baylands to wetlands. October 30, 2014 — Today, Sonoma Land Trust closed escrow on 29 acres known as the “Curreri property,” which sits in the “pinchpoint” of the imperiled Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor.
Pole Mountain towers 2,204 feet over the ocean between Jenner and Cazadero, the highest peak along the Sonoma coast. Work has started on the $18-million Sears Point wetland restoration project south of Highway 37, but it could be 30 years or more until nature completes what the Sonoma Land Trust and Ducks Unlimited have started.
Bulldozers ripped into a hayfield Friday, beginning a project to transform nearly 1,000 acres south of Sonoma into a tidal marsh and levee system that organizers say will support wildlife, provide flood control and offer new recreational opportunities for visitors.
Nearly 20,000 acres of remote forest once targeted for vineyard development in remote northwest Sonoma County will be set aside as timberland and wildlife habitat under a landmark conservation deal that closed Friday. Starting high up on the western slope of the Mayacmas Mountains, Stuart Creek drains a swath of Wine Country that remains mostly wild.
With $4.2 million in new funding, the Sonoma Land Trust is set next year to begin an ambitious project to restore wetlands and provide public access to nearly 1,000 acres of former farmland along San Pablo Bay. Sonoma Land Trust and its partners have spent the past two years studying the property and soliciting feedback from scientists and the general public on how it should be managed.
Sonoma County has the third-highest tally of protected open space in the nine-county Bay Area. Georgiana Hale, Conservation Easement Stewardship Manager for the Sonoma Land Trust, says property owners have varied reasons for choosing to implement a conservation easement.
One of the nation's most ambitious tidal restoration projects is nearing the start of construction at Sears Point south of Sonoma, six years after plans to build a casino at the site sparked efforts to protect the land from development. Two nonprofit conservation groups struck an innovative land deal last week that will permanently protect from development a forested 862-acre tract with a large waterfall in western Sonoma County. The rugged area, known as Bohemia Ranch, is a picturesque landscape full of rare plants, redwood trees and a 30-foot waterfall next to the famous Bohemian Grove, between Occidental and Monte Rio. At an old mining camp in the mountains above Cazadero in Sonoma County is a Mars-like panorama of steep crumbling red slopes, bizarre mineralized formations and green serpentine rock.The 11-square-mile area, called the Cedars, is a mysterious land of one-of-a-kind geological phenomena next to the Austin Creek State Recreation Area and Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve that almost nobody in the Bay Area knows anything about.
The Sonoma Land Trust has protected more than 25,000 acres of Sonoma County land over the years, including the 5,630-acre Jenner Preserve and the 2,327-acre Sears Point Baylands.
The Sonoma Land Trust has big plans for a small property it has just acquired near the intersection of Highway 12 and Arnold Drive in Glen Ellen. Ralph Benson of the Sonoma Land Trust and Lauren Dixon of the Parks Alliance discuss the formation of the new Parks Alliance and how it will work to keep State Parks open and maintained in Sonoma County. Sonoma County residents have several chances over the next few months to explore the 5,630-acre preserve that has been added to public lands along the wild coast. Two pieces of private property, one large and one small, were added to the rolls of protected lands in Sonoma County this week.

Separately, the property owners donated most of their development rights, in the form of conservation easements, to the Sonoma Land Trust, the Santa Rosa-based nonprofit. If you were to start hiking on the north side of Sonoma Mountain in Santa Rosa and keep heading south, you would eventually hit San Pablo Bay. Tony Nelson is the jack-of-all-trades manager overseeing thousands of acres of protected land in Sonoma County. Framed by a backdrop of rugged coastline, rolling hills, rushing river and stately redwoods, nature lovers on Saturday celebrated the single largest conservation land acquisition in Sonoma County. Sonoma County conservation group completed the long-sought purchase of 5,630 acres of coastal grasslands and redwood forest Thursday, permanently opening to the public a stunning landscape teeming with wildlife. It’s wonderful to learn that the Sonoma Land Trust closed escrow today on the 5,630 acres purchase, the largest single conservation land transaction in Sonoma County history. Sonoma Land Trust, a non-profit preservation group, is launching a $18 million fund-raising drive to take advantage of the downturn in land prices. Two decades ago Tom Yarish set out to visit a hidden and largely untouched estuary on the Sonoma-Marin border, a tidewater downstream of what was to be a vast wastewater storage and irrigation system proposed by the city of Santa Rosa. For generations the top of Sonoma Mountain was in private hands, off-limits to anyone without special entre. A $9.9 million deal to buy the stunning Sonoma Ranch, perched 2,463 feet atop Sonoma Mountain, and open it up to the public will be completed by the end of the year, conservation officials said Thursday.
The summit of Sonoma Mountain, the county's 2,463-foot-high landmark vista, will be purchased by the county's Open Space District under a $10 million deal approved Tuesday by Sonoma County supervisors. Over the decades, visitors to the Sonoma Coast could only dream of hiking on Rule Ranch in the hills above Jenner, where cowboys still round up cattle on horseback. In Sonoma County, people are celebrating a decision to keep a stretch of California coastline as it has always been. Saving Pitkin Marsh, a 27-acre site on busy Highway 116 where some of Sonoma Countys rarest plants thrive, will cost almost $1¬million under a financial deal approved Tuesday by Sonoma County supervisors. An in-depth Santa Rosa Press Democrat interview with Sonoma Land Trust Executive Director Ralph Benson explores the Land Trust's approach to preserving the extraordinary landscapes of Sonoma County.
Local philanthropist Daphne Smith has donated Santa Rosa's historical Bolton House at 966 Sonoma Avenue to the Sonoma Land Trust as its permanent office.
You can keep it trimmed to look like a traditional lawn, or let it grow and see the awesome seed heads, which reach about 12 inches tall in late summer. Photography by Kevin PerrenoudThis is an example of a rustic landscape with a water feature. Give thanks this day for some indirect blessings of liberty, including the behavior-beyond-satire of what are generously called institutions of higher education. The new North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve with views overlooking Bennett Valley north towards Santa Rosa. A longtime conservation priority, Pole Mountain’s 238 acres connect the Jenner Headlands with Little Black Mountain Preserve near Cazadero.
Benson, 72, has led the Sonoma Land Trust in conserving about 33,000 acres around the county since 2003.
The land will become part of the existing 162-acre Sonoma Valley Regional Park, giving visitors more woodlands and grasslands to explore.

Little-known Pole Mountain, a 2,204-foot point that has long been in private hands, was purchased by a local land trust that plans to lead tours to the summit and ultimately create a public trail to the top. Mountain lions, bobcats, foxes and deer, along with other creatures, use the creek as a pathway across Sonoma Valley, moving from the rugged mountains in the east or from the wooded flanks of Sonoma Mountain to the west. The land trust has collected about $13 million for the project near Sears Point in southern Sonoma County. That was the word Thursday from the Sonoma Coast, where conservationists are conducting a fall migration count for the second consecutive year and are coming up delighted. It would take awhile and you would have to go through a patchwork of public and private lands, but that’s an impressive greenway across a swatch of Sonoma County.
In addition to the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District funding which is derived from voter-approved sales tax revenue, many other organizations helped Sonoma Land Trust secure the millions needed to permanently protect the Jenner Headlands. Now, thanks to eleventh-hour action by an alert real-estate broker and three land-preservation agencies, the crown jewel of Sonoma Mountain, the very summit, is in public hands. 9 announcement of the purchase agreement for Sonoma Mountain Ranch could hardly contain an adequate description of what that money bought.
On Thursday, the Sonoma land trust announced an agreement to purchase 5,600 acres in the watershed above Jenner. On a clear morning this week, a number of prominent landmarks were visible in the distance, including Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, Hood Mountain and Mount St.
With the only building being an historic and still-active fire lookout tower, this acquisition will ensure that the wild and scenic landscape will remain a refuge for wildlife and hikers rather than gated estate homes with vineyards.
On Monday, private owners sold a 238-acre parcel, which includes the peak, to the Sonoma Land Trust, ensuring preservation and public access.
Now plans are under way to protect and restore much of the creek's length as a corridor for those migrating species, including the once-numerous steelhead trout. It envisions a hands-on approach, including logging, grazing and stream restoration projects to improve forest and grassland health and boost steelhead and coho salmon populations. Linked by trail to more than 5,000 acres of adjoining open space, the 283-acre Sonoma Mountain Ranch becomes the key link in a chain of properties stretching across the county's iconic land mass. Purchased through a partnership between the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, the Sonoma Land Trust and the Coastal Conservancy, the property provides a vital link in a 5,500-acre chain of open space that finally captures the summit of Sonoma County's namesake mountain. It’s native to the High Plains, Mountain West and Southwest, from Minnesota to Texas west to Idaho and Nevada and into Southern California.
Along with its value for wildlife, the Curreri property offers panoramic views of the Sonoma Valley, Sonoma Mountain, the Mayacamas Range, and San Pablo and San Francisco Bays. In time it will be possible to hike from Jack London State Park or the Sonoma Development Center all the way to the top of the mountain.

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