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Landscape lighting is typically used to highlight trees, shrubs, ground cover, and bedded items.
Boca Landscape Lighting is pleased to offer the industry’s most superior and extensive collection of lighting services and products to meet all of your outdoor lighting needs. Your Miami, Florida home inspection company, Atlantic Building Inspections, is pleased to share with you what you need to know about mold exposure and why you should get a mold inspection. To Get The Most Comprehensive Home Inspection In the Miami Area, Give Us A Call Today (786) 477-5975 or Click Here To Schedule Online Now!
Updating lighting can have a dramatic effect on a home’s aesthetic, but beauty is just one benefit of redoing light fixtures inside and out.

In addition to properly lighting your entrance, there is another simple and affordable update you can make to boost curb appeal and home security: a new steel front door.
Since 2005 Atlantic Building Inspections has helped the Miami and surrounding area home buyers keep from buying The Money Pit!
Stacked, multi-story windows are a great design feature for homes with a view, and also allow ample natural light to flood the entire space. Outdoor Lighting fundamentally improves safety as it provides navigation feature for driveways, walkways and steps.
Consider a pre-listing home inspection to put you in the driver’s seat and to present your home in the proper light.

It further provides security lighting without the glare and blinding effects of flood lights. Use solar light to brighten pathways, stair lights to illuminate steps, wall sconces to light functional areas within the living room or bathroom, and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate kitchen surfaces for safer cooking. They can keep all the essentials running – like the sump pump, your heating or air-conditioning, large appliances, lights and the security system, making it possible to protect your home from additional storm damage.

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