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Stunning tropical Bromeliad garden with a living wallInspiration for a small tropical rectangular pool.
A grouping of succulents in a copper trough is one of the focal points in this small space garden. Create a tropical theme - A distinctive theme for your garden can be easily developed by grouping several plants with similar foliage together. I was using a new living wall system created by DIRTT called the Breathe Living Wall purchased through The Office Resource (TOR)This is an example of a tropical landscape in Vancouver with a vertical garden.
Regardless of the tropical theme or design style, this type of intimate small bistro garden is one of my favorites. Due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce that… we now do edible landscape designs!
An edible garden is a beautifully landscaped garden that incorporates edible fruit and veggie plants into the overall aesthetic and style of the garden. Simply go through our online landscape design dashboard to select your style and color palette as you normally would — just make sure to select Edible in the Choose Your Plants section. PS: If you have any questions about incorporating edible plants into your garden, schedule a call with co-founder Jessy Berg! Even the placement of a formal water feature fits the symmetry of the overall garden design. In the center of all that symmetry, you’ll find the water feature, doubling as a key focal point in the garden.
This article was written by Jessy Berg, professional landscape designer & co-founder of Habitat Design.
On Tuesday Jessy wrote about how to create a successful side garden with a Mediterranean flair. Finally, take a seat and enjoy your beautiful Mediterranean side garden on this Florence Bench. Side gardens are small, narrow and are either really shady or really sunny — factors that usually puzzle homeowners and gardeners alike. Going on that whimsical cottage note, throw in a Bunny Leaf Bird Bath to watch your side garden really come to life. In this space, the designer used the cottage garden style to bring a normally wasted space to life. Accessories such as bird baths and wall fountains are scaled down fit the side garden, allowing the space to sill feel functional and look beautiful.

But first, a little background: Every time I think tropical I think of my Aunt Jeanne from Ohio and her love for Elvis Presley. Now I love to travel — especially to tropical locations, and I attribute that to Aunt Jeanne and Elvis. As for plants to use in your tropical paradise, big leafed plants at different heights achieve a layered, tropical garden feel. However, if you prefer the modern tropical look, leave some breathing space around the tub, and plant away from the spa.
I love the example above because it shows what most of us will face – a raised tub in the corner of the garden somewhere. Don’t forget that there are weight and drainage issues with installing a rooftop deck garden. No matter how small, the modern garden is less about the plants and more about the clean lines. Oftentimes it's the smallest garden spaces that are the most poorly lit, whether adjacent walls, trees or tall buildings are at fault. Actually using very little space, small patios and gardens like this can use a small space in a real big way. Like formal garden design itself, a formal fountain is symmetrical, balanced and sophisticated. In a formal garden, whatever is planted and placed on the left side is exactly the same on the right side. This big boy, finished with traditional Umbrian terracotta, is a great focal point for your side garden. To solve the conundrum of a Mediterranean side garden, I’ve gathered some examples of beautiful small side gardens and side patios.
Adding this whimsical bench in organge (or any fun color – Fermob has tons to choose from) will create a nice focal point and seating area in your side garden.
With its curving pathway and overflowing flora, this garden is the perfect example of how you can create an amazing garden space in a narrow area. Grow roses and all sorts of cutting flowers that you can use to fill the inside of your home with your side garden bounty. Since I’ve been to quite a few tropical locations I have a few pointers on creating a spa area to make you swoon! Also make sure to plant some White Ginger and Plumeria to give you the scent of the tropics. You can order these plants through an awesome site called Plant Lust.

But since neither of these activities are happening in the near future, I’ll instead talk about designing a tropical garden space around your hot tub — with a tropical drink in hand! The layers of tropical plants go a long way to hiding the hot tub and creating a cozy space.
The designer here practiced great restraint:  He used only three different colors and textures of greens for the plants, shades of grey for the hardscapes (floor, pots and furnishings), and orange accents. Again, the clean lines of this contemporary style roof top garden, and the contrasting materials of stone, wood and glass give this space a very modern feel. The upsides to cramped areas like the courtyard shown here are that they're easily tended to and often have their own protected microclimate, making them ideal for growing tropicals.Photo of a tropical courtyard landscape in Vancouver. Seashells decorate the succulent planting.Design ideas for a tropical landscape in Vancouver. Even as simple as this small patio is, with the intense green background of the tropical plants, the simple furnishing is all the decoration that this small tropical garden needs. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and finishes so it will match your other decor in the garden as well. If your side garden tends to be shady, it can make the perfect escape on a hot summer day — your own private refuge. I just love the garden above because it fits the Mediterranean style, and it’s edible! Since we already have the perfect seat for your tropical hot tub space, I’d use this item as a table or plant holder.
In this garden, I would have also added a mixed group of plants right up against the spa to further hide the paneling. Wood also blends well in a tropical environment — staining the deck a honey color gives it that warm, Bali feel. Just the cover of the album transported me to a tropical paradise — so of course I developed a thing for Elvis too!

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