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Fern Pine (Podocarpus gracilior) Here’s a plant so malleable, so Gumby like that you can shape it into all sorts of things: a shrub, a hedge, an espalier, a small tree.
Arbutus 'Marina'My daughter just planted ‘Marina' in her Mediterannean-style courtyard, because it reminds her of the closely related Pacific Coast native madrone trees — nearly impossible to grow at home — that she used to see at summer camp. Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis) This is the tree that gives us bay leaves for cooking and supplied the ancient Greeks with leaves for their heroes' wreaths — it's also called Grecian laurel.
Lowe's of Palm DesertIt would have been nice to see something for zone 13, hot, dry desert.
Planting trees in your throughout your property is a great way to add a touch of natural color and texture to your landscape and accentuate your home. There are many different types of small trees to plant in your front or backyard, each with different growing seasons, climates and locations. Conifer trees such as pine, fir, cypress and juniper also act as a fence to increase privacy as long as they are kept small.  Dwarf conifers work great as small trees for small yards because they are easy to grow, attract friendly wild life, and provide a beautiful green color to the landscape all year. Other trend options for simple landscaping ideas with small trees include the use of red buds or cherry trees.
A more tropical landscape, Japanese red maples are some of the most beautiful small trees to plant in your yard, providing a gorgeous display of color during the fall. Golden chain trees are also perfect to use for outdoor decoration on your property, creating a lush collection of exquisite yellow flowers in the spring and summer. Generally you’ll want a plant that’s on the small side, good looking when you're sitting near or under it, and well groomed without the need for frequent pruning or cleanup. With so many different varieties available, the secret is choosing the right one for your patio. As a patio tree, trained with a single trunk and a roundish top, it’s delicate, weepy, graceful, deep green and very easy to grow. Left alone, sweet bay can become a good-size tree, but trimming and shearing can enforce the right size for a patio — in the ground or a big pot. However, because some trees can be very large and overpowering, it is important to choose the proper sizes to highlight your home. Before purchasing your plants, determine what type of function you would like your miniature trees to take on.

If you are looking for tiny trees that provide ample shade, think about purchasing a plant that blooms more outward than evergreens or conifers.
Miniature red bud trees are an excellent choice for the do it yourself landscaper because they are easy to grow and provide you yard with a beautiful display of color.
They are great for use in Japanese gardens because they enhance the design with their red to orange foliage.
Not perfectly utilitarian, the tree is a bit messy and tends to die back, but sometimes sentimental reasons trump everything else.
It’s the perfect choice for a spot near the grill or kitchen; leaves for cooking will be handy, although they’re usually used dried, not fresh. Small trees are every diy homeowners dream plant because they can fit in any size yard, are very versatile, and easy to grow. Many homeowners choose to plant small trees in their yard to enhance the look of their landscape by adding a splash of color to the area.
Dwarf trees for landscaping not only produce a great shaded area for your yard, but also offer colorful foliage and blossoms to bring some natural beauty to the area. These trees contain elegant heart shaped leaves that bloom white or pink flowers in the spring, but transform into a deep golden yellow in the fall.
Tiny Japanese tree lilacs are also great choices for oriental styled gardens or yards that produce beautiful cream colored flowers that contrast well with the copper colored bark.
For those who prefer a more neutral color, but exotic look, consider planting a mini palm. Crepe myrtle and Japanese maple are deciduous; the other three are evergreen and suited mainly for California and other mild climates. Some use certain small tree varieties as a way to add natural shade to an area or to create a perimeter around the yard for extra privacy.
One of the most popular shade trees used among homeowners in North America during 2015 is the flowering dogwood. View our backyard photos to look at images of these types of small trees as well as many others to help you choose which plant will look best in your home. Small palm trees, a common plant in both tropical and southern North American regions, are a great way to bring a tropical feel to your yard.

For a patio tree, depending on your space, you can choose a plant with a single trunk or multiple trunks. Dogwood trees produce gorgeous white or pink flowers in the spring that turn into striking red and purple foliage in the fall. Other top 2015 choices for small ornamental trees that can be incorporated into your outdoor design plans include species such as the Carolina Silverbell, Golden train tree, and mini palm trees. Small evergreen trees such as Corneliancherry Dogwood and Japanese Tree Lilac, are those that grow year round and maintain their green foliage through both the winter and summer months. These flowering cherry trees produce magnificent blossoms that vary between a bright white bud and deep pink colors. This makes them ideal choices for people wishing to create a barrier between their property and their neighbors’. These trees can be used to add a splash of color to an otherwise dull yard, or they can be used to enhance a stylish Japanese garden. These small trees for landscaping produce stunning white, hanging clusters of bell shaped flowers every spring. In addition, small evergreens are great small trees for a home garden because they provide a beautiful, dark green backdrop that contrasts well with colorful flower beds. The cherry blossom tree is native to Japan and represents a unique part of the Asian culture.
Visiting tree nurseries not only allow you to look at a variety of different plants, but it also permits you to discuss the best options for you and your home with a sales associate. If you prefer to mail order trees, you can also peruse an online tree nursery from the comforts of home.

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