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Before you go for pavers it is a good idea to find out what design innovations you can use to make it more useful.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Patio Garden Ideas, Pool House Designs, Walk In Closet Design and Home Office Design Ideas. Laid out with small interlocking pavers the distinctive look of this patio comes from the pretty pavers boundary around the main design. A pattern of many sized rectangles makes up the covered area beside this stunning swimming pool.
A strong light brown tiled boundary separates the semi-circle from the horizontal area of paver patios in this picture.
The touches of limestone gray and muted white among the mainly orange shaded pavers give a bright look to this patio. Many sizes of narrow rectangles come together in interesting patterns in this large paver patio area. This paver patio uses an interesting play of shapes as it alternates small rectangles with larger eight-sided pavers for a rich look. The area of rectangular pavers outside the house looks really beautiful with the green garden just alongside. This is a common paver patio design with hexagons that uses the pattern of honeycombs for inspiration. This elegant patio design in muted shades builds around a small squarish area of interlocking pavers.
Rectangular pavers have been laid out in a complex pattern to make up this interlocked theme paver patio design.
Area of circles curve over each other forming patterns of arches in this artistic paver patio design. Rectangular pavers have been set out in alternating patterns making for a low-key designer effect for this family patio.

A strong circular layout with the rest of the pavers set in a diagonal manner makes up this patio with a stylish paver boundary. Dark gray pavers in an arty mix of squares and rectangles look gorgeous in this patio design. Note the warm shades of the pavers in this beautiful patio with many sized rectangles making up the design.
The pavers have been laid out in a neat circular design spiraling out from the center to match the round shape of this patio. This is a large area around the swimming pool laid out with pavers in pale shades for a stylish look.
Narrow rectangular pavers in muted shades ranging from light brown to gray make up this unusually shaped patio. Check out this large paver patio laid out with dark shaded pavers with light gray tiles breaking the regular pattern for an interesting look. A design based on interlock makes up this neat patio design, with the pavers getting added strength from the overlapping pattern.
Many-colored small pavers in rectangular shapes make up this small and elegant family patio.
This well-designed patio laid out with a tongue shape area looks beautiful with neat many sized rectangles and a narrow paver boundary. Check out this stylish paver patio in muted colors that curves neatly around the asymmetrical shape of the swimming pool. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Virginia Landscapes designs and installs flagstone, cut flagstone, brick, interlocking paver, brick paver, concrete and veneer outdoor hardscape applications. With limited space in the backyard, this Birmingham MI homeowner was able to create a simple paver patio that looks good, and has functionality.

As tiling with pavers becomes common in American homes, paver designs are also becoming more colorful and innovative.
A sloping design for the patio lets the water drain away quickly without pooling in ugly spots on the pavers. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Keeping it ground level allows the area to double as a driveway extension along with patio space.
The best part about pavers is that it gives your patio a fresh new look that is easy to maintain for years. For increased seating area, this homeowner added a small brick seating wall for people to gather and hang-out while not having to buy additional furniture.
Muted shades look great in Paver Patio Designs, and if you have a small area to cover you can go for small-sized pavers. If you have a small regular area to cover uniform-sized pavers look good, but for a larger area you can experiment with different sizes of pavers. For a large area overlooking a private swimming pool flat well-designed pavers can look really trendy.
You can go for a design with mostly the same colored pavers with a contrasting colored paver thrown in for variety.
Bounding the sides of the paver patio design with a single line of pavers also looks great.

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