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My use for a garden cart like this is to wheel around bags of mulch, heavy ceramic pots, multiple flats of plants, and so on. Well I could most definitely use such a handy sporty cart for toting garden supplies, plants, rubbish and any number of other things up and down, up and down this hill. I love such a cart at the historic garden where I work, but I desperately need one for the several acres I garden at home. A bouquet of Zinnias comes into my hands each year when my husband Dave buys them from the gardener with a stand up the street from us. Elizabeth I do not envy you the task of picking the recipients of a fine garden cart from Troy-Bilt.
I go to the San Francisco Bromeliad Society meeting every month and almost my entire collection has come from other Brom members garden. Gold flame honeysuckle–Four years ago I had to move from a garden I had been cultivating for 10 years.
Red Velvet Okra–I love to grow food, and when the plant is as pretty as this one, it is an added bonus, because then I can plant it my front garden without upsetting the neighbors. Butterfly Weed–The color and movement of butterflies adds so much beauty to a garden. Southern Magnolia–No self respecting southern gardener would be without a Magnolia grandiflora. The Troy-Bilt garden cart would be the perfect solution for the queen of moving plants around in the garden.
The good people at Troy-Bilt responded immediately to Amy’s advice about how to get on the right side of garden bloggers.

They are in pots and I know they are just “common” to many but I’ll need at least one plant that will lure the garden fairies to wherever I go to in this catastrophe. Rudbeckia Goldstrum is saved because it’s the one plant in my garden that, when in bloom, takes my breath away every time I see it. Uncle Teddy took me by the hand at his home in Schenectady and introduced me, the kid from Brooklyn, to gardening.
Even before I started gardening I had hostas at most of my prior residences and there have been many. I am working hard on my little garden, it used to be pretty much desert so I need low-maintenance plants that can also survive snow in the winter. The cart would still be good for hauling plants from my borrowed garden to my new garden next door on this steep mountain terrain. The huge ceramic container that has a heuchera, a hosta, and creeping jenny in it because they’re all shade perennials and with my luck all the maple trees shading my house would survive whatever impending disaster threatened my garden. The ceramic container full of herbs that everyone who enters my garden compliments so I still have something pretty to look at and some basil, oregano and thyme to make the post-apocalyptic food taste better.
I had a few ideas for possible comment tasks, including writing a classic sonnet and describing and solving the most important issue facing home gardeners today. He shares my garden with me and helps to bring my attention to all the wonderful colors and shapes he finds there for fear I might miss them.
A few years ago some people planted trees on the hellstrips (note use of gardening lingo) around my neighborhood. But I do like this cart—it reminds me of the red wagon I used when I delivered papers as a kid (my first job in journalism).

You must be a garden blogger to win one of these; simply supply a link to your blog in the comment form (as most do already).
But what makes this particular plant my favorite is that it was one of the first things I planted when I started gardening just over a year ago. The spread like crazy, too, so I know if I rescued one little bit they’d fill up the new garden pretty quick. The year we had our first garden together he gave us some seeds and we’ve been growing them for a few years now, too. My mother’s last peony now resides in my garden and if I could rescue only one, that would be it. Fast forward 9 years and I’m finally growing my own begonia (why did I wait so long) and it reminds me of that fabulous garden, young love, and possibilities. Troy-Bilt will send a cart each to the five best comments, as determined by me (representing Garden Rant). But if I must choose, probably the unnamed pink variety made from a cutting from the rose garden in front of one of the historical houses in town, sold in one of their fund-raising plant sales.

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