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Not only does outdoor lighting enhance the look of your garden but also provides safety and function.
So, before choosing your lights you need to know what you want from your outdoor lighting, weigh the pros and cons of each type, and decide which will work best for you. Once the design and type of outdoor lighting fixture is selected, the next important question is voltage. Think of it like this; not including outdoor lighting in a garden is like getting all dressed up for a party and not wearing any makeup. There are many uses for outdoor lighting in the garden; to emphasize or accent certain areas, provide ambient light for you and your guests, demarcate or light a dark path, or for security. You just basically need to decide a few things; what type of lighting you want use and where you want to place it.

You can use spotlights to highlight a tree or other garden features or single simple lights to cast a soft glow in certain areas around the garden. When thinking of path lighting the first thing that may come to mind are the typical vertical lights with a stake on the end, but today there are many more styles and kinds to choose from. Outdoor light fixtures are available in either 12-volt or 120-volt versions and for houses the best deal is low voltage outdoor lighting. I'm Jacky an avid gardener & diy'er who loves to be outdoors and anything that involves nature. This will all definitely make your small garden lighting more interesting and intentional looking.
What I mean is, use more bright or higher light intensity for security lighting or highlighting a tree, use medium light intensity for  lighting a path and use the softest light for accenting small areas in your garden beds.

And last but not least can be used to light a social area such as a patio or garden seating area. The advantage of high voltage outdoor lighting is that it is permanent using buried conduit whereas the low voltage outdoor lighting is that is easily damaged due to superficial placement of wires.

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